Springans Interluder
Springans Interluder

Springans Interluder – #DAMA-EN071

When your opponent activates a card or effect: You can return 1 “Springans” Xyz Monster you control to the Extra Deck, then apply 1 of these effects.
● Negate that activated effect.
● Special Summon 1 Level 8 monster from your GY.
If a face-up Xyz Monster you control leaves the field by card effect: You can make all monsters your opponent currently controls lose 1000 ATK, until the end of this turn (even if this card leaves the field). You can only use each effect of “Springans Interluder” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  October 27th, 2021

Rating: 1.83

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Springans Interluder loosely ties into Branded monsters along with their own archetype.

Continuous Trap that is a 1-for-1 that will also trigger the second part of this card, causing an ATK drop for your opponents monsters for the turn. 1000ATK isn’t anything to scoff at for an ATK drop, so we’ll take that as an added bonus. Returning a “Springans” Xyz Monster for a card effect negation or a Level 8 CoTH is a pretty good effect, but the balance to this hurts its playability. The negation doesn’t involve destruction, so it’s more so for countering hand traps, spells, or trap activation to get the most out of the negation. As for the Special Summon, it is something you need in the grave at that moment, so you will need to do at least one combo to have this be live first turn. Two options of Springans Xyz monsters to choose from. Exblowrer can give you a Level 8 to go after in the grave with this, but you might have summoned it in a different way to bypass the Level 8 requirements, and you may have also banished it with its own effect to keep it alive. Merrymaker uses Level 4 monsters but it can fill your grave with the appropriate targets through its effects. Once again though, banishing itself is involved so you may not be able to activate this card.

Timing seems to be everything with this card. You want to use up the materials on your Xyz and then use this card to pop it back to get your negation or Special Summon. If you can do that, it is a great trade-off, but if you still have a use out of your Xyz you would only be getting an even break if you were using Interluder to save it from destruction/removal from the field.

Advanced-2/5     Art-2/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Springans get a new Trap to make up for being one of the weaker archetypes in the lore, so let’s see what Springans Interluder does for the archetype.

Springans Interluder is a Continuous Trap that lets you reutrn a Springans Xyz you control to the Extra Deck when the opponent activtves a card or effect to either negate that effect or Special Summon a Level 8 from your graveyard. Would of really rather if this card banisehd the Springans Xyz until the End Phase of the turn, similar to what the Springans Xyzs already do. You don’t really want to put them back in the Extra Deck to just have to summon them once again. It isn’t hard to resummon them at least, but would of been better if this did what the archetype wanted to do. Second effect is if a face-up Xyz you control leaves the field by a card effect, you can make all your opponent’s monsters lose 1000 ATK until the end of the turn (even if this card leaves the field). Would of liked this effect to be a little better as well considering it’s on a Trap. I’m pretty sure the Field Spell or Continuous Spell does a little better than this, even if still not great. Hard once per turn on this card as well for both effects. Overall, kinda don’t like this. Could of been far better.

Advanced Rating: 2/5

Art: 5/5 I wonder what’s in store for Adin, Theo, and Fleurdelis outside the Dogmatika clan.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Midweek brings us a Continuous Trap in Springans Interluder.  This card starts off with a bad condition where you have to return a Springan XYZ to your Extra Deck.  That means you’re likely all ready a -3 just on that alone (average investment for an XYZ) and maybe technically -4 as you had to activate this as well.  If I’m giving up THAT much, I should be damn close to winning the game.  Now, you can do this simply when your opponent activates a Card or Effect.  

If you do so, you can straight out negate the activated Effect, which IS good, of course, just not at such a tremendous cost.  OR you can Special Summon a Level 8 or below Monster from your Graveyard.  Which is all well and good too, but, the short of this is, there are much easier, better, and even ways to do both of these without giving up so much.  

The final bit here where all your opponent’s Monsters lose 1000 attack if you have an XYZ return is taken off the Field by Card Effect.  That is a significant drop, but I don’t like this either.  So you weaken their Monsters, but you’ve all ready lost at least one, and this only lasts for the Turn (for a plus though, it stays in Effect even if this leaves the Field).

This card does a LOT, just, unfortunately, nothing really worthwhile, and just too much to give, too specific…Springans need support…this isn’t it.

Rating:  1.5/5

Art:  3/5  For some reason, this kinda reminds me of Ordeal of a Traveler.  But I do like this some and I’m not particularly sure why

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