Pikachu V-Union
Pikachu V-Union

Pikachu V-Union #142

Date Reviewed:
October 27, 2021

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We finally come to Pikachu V-Union (SW – Black Star Promos SWSH142), the final piece.  If you’re not a regular reader and have no idea what a V-Union is, here is the article from the official Pokémon site.  It would also be a good idea to read the previous three reviews: they cover the other three cards named “Pikachu V-Union”.  If you haven’t read any of that, the super-quick-version is that Pokémon V-Union are the result of combining four specific cards together.  All the pieces list the card’s name (in this case, Pikachu V-Union), typing (Lightning), and Stage of Evolution (V-Union).  They also all have a Rule Box explaining how you put the V-Union into play: get the four pieces into your discard pile, then use this built in effect (Rules Text?) to Bench them from the discard pile.  A V-Union only requires one space on your Bench, as once they’re in play, the four cards count as a single, over-sized card.

As all four pieces share the same name, that means you either run one of each or you’re running four dead cards.  The [L] typing is good, granting access to Speed [L] Energy and letting you exploit the most common Weakness found on SW-era Water types.  As a Stage of Evolution, V-Union is neither considered a Basic nor an Evolution, although the cards still count as “Pokémon” when not in play.  It is possible to field a V-Union Turn 1, provided you can get all four of its component cards into your discard pile, while having an open Bench space.  V-Union cards do count as Pokémon V and as a Pokémon with a Rule Box, so be ready for the counters to such things.

Thanks to yesterday’s Pikachu V-Union card, we know that this V-Union has 300 HP.  While that is the lowest score found on any V-Union, it is still tied with the largest TAG TEAM Pokémon and the smallest Pokémon VMAX.  Which is appropriate, because V-Unions are worth three Prizes when KO’d, just like those two other groups.  300 HP isn’t easy to OHKO, but it can be done, especially by attackers that match its [F] Weakness.  That’s a pretty dangerous Weakness to have right now.  Pikachu V-Union has no Resistance, either.  Neither Weakness nor Resistance is displayed on today’s card, but the Retreat Cost of [CC] is.  As far as Retreat Costs go, this is decent; not low enough to be good but not high enough to really be bad.

The other pieces of Pikachu V-Union each have one attack.  Today, we see its final attack, “Electro Ball Together”.  For [LLC], this attack does 250 damage.  This seems good; barring factors other than printed HP, Pikachu V-Union can OHKO almost all Basic Pokémon V (and smaller) cards, while easily scoring a 2HKO on the largest Pokémon.  [LLC] isn’t easy to cover, but Flaaffy (SW – Evolving Skies 055/203; SW – Black Star Promos SWSH122) and its “Dynamotor” Ability should help.  Electro Ball Together is also a decent follow up to the cards other attacks.  I believe Pikachu V-Union’s Weakness will be a serious hurdle for it in Standard, but it might see some competitive success.  The same goes for Expanded, and there’s something about this Format I’ve been forgetting to mention:

Battle Compressor.  An Item card that lets you discard three cards from your deck.  In Standard, you’ll have to settle for using a Supporter (Professor Burnet) to discard just two cards from your deck!  This power disparity has lead some to wonder if Battle Compressor will be banned soon.  Relevant to this V-Union are Thunder Mountain {*} and Tapu Lele {*}; they can provide a real burst of speed early game.  Getting back to Pikachu V-Union itself, it can play nicely with Flaaffy, it can hit hard (Electro Ball Together), it can hit decently while locking down an opponent’s Items (Disconnect), and it can even go for a slightly quicker 120 damage with a chance of Paralysis (Shocking Shock).  Not brilliant, but solid enough I think it has a real chance in both Formats.  At least, before any other [L] V-Unions are released.

Ratings (Today’s Quarter)

  • Standard: 3/5
  • Expanded: 3/5

Ratings (Overall)

  • Standard: 3/5
  • Expanded: 3/5

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