Speedroid Dupligate
Speedroid Dupligate

Speedroid Dupligate – #LED8-EN008

Banish 1 WIND monster from your GY, then target 1 card your opponent controls; return it to the hand. During your Main Phase, if this card is in your GY: You can target 1 Level 2 or higher “Speedroid” monster you control; reduce its Level by 1, and if you do, Special Summon this card as a Normal Monster (Machine/Tuner/WIND/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). (This card is NOT treated as a Trap.) You can only use this effect of “Speedroid Dupligate” once per Duel.

Date Reviewed:  November 16th, 2021

Rating: 3.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Speedroid Dupligate is one of two “Speedroid” Spell/Trap cards in the archetype, and exemplifies its strategies.

Normal Trap that acts like a Compulsory Evacuation Device for any card your opponent controls. This part of the effect is a -1 with you needing to use this card and banish a WIND in your grave, but as far as -1’s go it isn’t bad. Level reduction during your Main Phase for a Level 2 or higher Speedroid of yours works along with the theme of manipulating levels for Synchro/Xyz Summoning in the archetype. This trap becoming a Normal Tuner that you Special Summon after using the previous effect may be the best part of the card. You get another monster and you have a monster already on the field, that’s a Link 2 minimum. With the lowest Level for manipulation using Dupligate (Level 2) would give you a Link 1 Speedroid and Dupligate as a Level 1 as well. Dupligate won’t be the easiest way to help you Synchro climb since it reduces the targeted monster’s level by 1, but with multiple Speedroids on the field you will be able to get to the variety of Synchro Speedorids you run, or any Synchro you’d like at that moment (Dupligate doesn’t restrict you to only Speedroid Synchro monsters).

The first effect is alright, the level reduction is most useful when you have multiple monsters on the field, and Dupligate becoming a monster is probably the best part of the card. Not being able to use it in the same turn always sucks.

Advanced-3/5     Art-2/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

A Synchro archetype getting a Trap that either can’t be used from hand or doesn’t do anything insane is something that isn’t optimal, but Dupligate at least offers something.

Speedroid Dupligate is a Normal Trap that lets you banish a WIND from grave to target a card the opponent controls to return it to hand. It’s a Compluse that’s searchable, but has a cost. Still a minus 1, but that never stopped anyone from using Compluse. Speedroids aren’t too heartbroken by banishing their cards, especially if you used the recovery cards you needed to get them back as many times as you wanted, had multiple names of said card, or just something you know you won’t need anymore. Also, there’s the benefit to bouncing any card, which has its use. No hard once per turn there, but the next effect is a once per Duel where you target a Level 2 or higher Speedroid you control to reduce its Level by 1 to revive this monster as a Level 1 WIND Machine Tuner with 0 ATK and DEF, also it isn’t treated as a Trap if you’re scared of Royal Decree or Jinzo negating this. No major stats there besides being a Tuner to help make Synchro plays live. This plus Ultra Hound will make tomorrow’s card, which is a benefit even if that isn’t the optimal way to use it. Still, having a bounce and the ability to summon this Trap as a Tuner Monster is solid. Nothing amazing here, but it’s good.

Advanced Rating: 3/5

Art: 3/5 These guys look like a dressed up Cameraclops in my opinion.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Speedroid Dupligate (what a fun little pun of a word) is a Normal Trap to continue things this week.  Removing a Wind Monster from your Graveyard lets you Target an opponent’s Monster and return it to their Hand.  Nice bounce mechanic here, appropriate for a Wind Theme.  It’s an interesting trade to remove something just to bounce another, and throwing this into the mix makes this a -1.  If in your Graveyard during your Main Phase, you can Target a Level 2 or above Speedroid under your control; to then Special Summon this card as a Normal Monster (0/0 Machine/Wind) and this guy is a Tuner.  The coolest part of that is that this is NOT counted as a Trap card when it’s brought to the Field.  A free Tuner just for this being in your Graveyard and controlling essentially any Theme Monster is good.  I feel like there’s easier ways to drop a Tuner if you need, and the bounce mechanic, while nice, I don’t feel is enough of a motivation to use this.  To circle back, even throwing in the second Effect here, this IS still a -1, and is what you get, assuming both Effects you get (as you should) is it worth falling a card behind?  You’re down MORE too, assuming you actually get to the end and your Synchro (ahem) on the Field.  If that guy doesn’t survive its Summon, then your advantage only continues to go negative. 

Rating:  2.75/5

Art:  3/5  This is simple, but fun, and I kinda like it. 

Mighty Vee

Next up is Speedroid Dupligate, a normal trap with two effects. The first effect is essentially a Compulsory Evacuation Device; you banish a WIND monster from your graveyard to target and return one of your opponent’s monsters to the hand. Not too shabby, considering you will more often than not have a spare WIND monster to banish in Speedroids. Outside of Speedroid though, you’re better off running the good ol’ Compulsory for less hassle.

The second effect is a lot more interesting; you can only activate it once per duel. By banishing Dupligate from your graveyard, you can reduce the level of a Speedroid on the field by 1 then special summon it as a level 1 normal monster tuner. While you could dump this with Foolish Burial Goods as an extender, it’s clearly meant to be dumped by yesterday’s Speedroid Ultra Hound, guaranteeing at least a level 3 synchro using it or whatever other Speedroids are on the field. There’s a few monsters you can go into, including Goyo Defender, Tatsunoko, or Martial Metal Marcher, but tomorrow’s card will probably be what you summon, especially considering you will have likely locked yourself into WIND monsters by now. Overall a good in-archetype disruption for Speedroids and a great combo piece.

Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 3.5/5 Here we can see Hi-Speedroid Puzzle demonstrating its ninja skills.

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