Snatch Steal

Snatch Steal – #BP01-EN039

Equip only to a monster your opponent controls. Take control of the equipped monster. During each of your opponent’s Standby Phases: They gain 1000 Life Points.

Date Reviewed:  October 13th, 2022

Rating: Banned, See Below

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Snatch Steal is our Throwback Thursday choice and one card that likely won’t be back from the banlist (again) for a while.

While Change of Heart isn’t seeing much play in the meta, despite its power and ability to take control of any monster your opponent has, regardless of position, you only get it until the End Phase, meaning you have to win or do something with it. Snatch Steal allows you to keep your opponent’s monster and the only downside is your opponent gaining 1000LP each turn. Now, if that LP gain was each players turn like the cost of Imperial Order, it would likely still be overpowered, but at least they’d be trying to balance the card. Taking control of anything your opponent has face-up and keeping it is broken. Steal a powerhouse and sit on that while your opponent has to rebuild. In top-deck wars this card is the game-deciding card.

It’s a staple, it’s a great card, and it won’t be back anytime soon. They realized what a bad idea it was bringing it back, and that was 7 years ago. If it ever comes back it will likely have an errata or there will be a new Snatch Steal better than the old one (unlikely because this is about as good as it can be without it being ridiculous).

Advanced-5/5- if legal

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

With an equip theme somewhat this week with Monday’s card and tomorrow’s card, we might as well look at an old Equip Spell, and one that came back for a cup of tea back in 2015: Snatch Steal.

Snatch Steal is an Equip Spell that equips only to a monster the opponent controls, letting you take control of it while equipped with this card with the only downside, if you can call it that, being that the opponent gains 1000 LP during each of their Standby Phases. The LP gain will not matter since you’re likely using the monster as material for a summon, or if you end up keeping it, you most likely got enough damage on board to make that 1000 LP gain irrelevant while the monster you still might have a very strong effect. No wonder this card only lasted 3 months in 2015, especially considering this is more searchable as an Equip Spell and Isolde in the game makes this even more accessible if you can recover it from the graveyard. With Change of Heart coming back to 1 recently, it makes me wonder if this could be up for consideration again in the future, but the searchability and the fact you keep the monster as long as this stays on the field makes me see why they went with Change of Heart this time instead of this again.

Advanced Rating: 5/5

Art: 4/5 Old school artwork, I wonder what’s actually in the bag?

Dark Paladin's Avatar

I haven’t been so clueless what to say for a review since Baneful made us review Pot of Greed in 20…15?  Snatch Steal was un-Banned for a single Format, also back in 2015, I believe, and this is one of those SIMPLE cards…vis a vis Pot of Greed, Change of Heart, etc.  This is/was a game ending card.  A game winning card.  Hell, maybe THE game winning card back in the day, at least before CED/Yata came along.

I had to dig a bit for this, but this is from ExMinion of Darkness back in 2006:

Yesterday I talked about natural +1s at the beginning of my review. This is the 2nd best example of a natural +1 — Pot of Greed is the best example, and that’s banned, so we’re not counting that.

Snatch Steal has won almost as many games as Heavy Storm, and probably even more by being played AFTER a Heavy Storm. It’s an instant +1 if it goes through for as long as you have the opponent’s monster.

Which, in short, should tell you anything/everything you need to know here, whether you played back in that era or not.  The 1000 Lifepoints your opponent gets are beyond irrelevant.  You’re taking their Monster and Tributing, Extra Deck playing, winning that Turn via attack…absolute worst case, you’re just keeping it until you can do any of the above with it.  It’s not PERFECT perfect, but it’s about as perfect a card as it can be without being so.

Rating:  4.75/5 when/if legal

Art:  4/5  While not particularly ‘exciting’ or ‘vibrant’ it’s appropriate, and the thief kinda looks like Zoro from One Piece. 

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