Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon
Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon

Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon – #AGOV-EN010

You can target 1 face-up monster on the field or in either GY; place it face-up in its owner’s Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell. During your opponent’s turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Monster Card treated as a Continuous Spell on the field; Special Summon it to your field. If this card is sent from the hand or field to the GY: You can Special Summon 2 Level 1 FIRE monsters from your GY. You can only use each effect of “Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  January 12th, 2024

Rating: 3.92

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon is the boss monster of the archetype and wraps up our week.

Able to be cheated out via any of the Snake-Eye monsters through their trading of two cards for one Snake-Eye, Flamberge Dragon is the card you want when you’ve been turning your opponent’s monsters into Spell/Trap Cards. Flamberge Dragon can place any monster on the field or in the graveyard into the Spell/Trap Zone of the owner, setting up Divine Temple to Special Summon it to your field if your opponent were to Normal/Special Summon. In addition, Flamberge Dragon can do it without Divine Temple during your opponent’s turn, and without your opponent having to summon to trigger the effect. Placing a bos monster that can be Special Summoned into the Spell/Trap Zone just to bring it out next turn and corer your opponent, it’s a good thing that effect had to be during your opponent’s turn.

Special Summoning two FIRE Level 1 monsters when it hits the graveyard creates an immediate situation where you can Special Summon another copy from the Deck during your opponent’s turn. Sent from the hand in any way during your turn will create a Link 2 opportunity, Synchro Level 2, or Rank 1. You can send this to the grave for an effect (Diabellstar) to create a situation where you can Special Summon this from the grave with Oak and then trade Oak and whichever other Snake-Eye you have for another copy of itself, making it consistently possible to Rank 8 Summon as well as the Synchro Level 10’s we mentioned yesterday.

It can’t be used immediately, it does need a few monsters in the grave, but Sake-Eye Flamberge Dragon can be a terror. Despite no protection for itself, it makes up for that with brute force and synergy within the archetype. Clearing out the field with something like a Dark Rule no More/Lightning Storm combo to then dropping this and summoning something next turn that was a negate monster like de Fleur are the kind of plays Snake-Eye are capable of. Snake-Eye Flamberge Dragon can facilitate its own summon while being discarded and that alone makes it a good card.

Advanced- 4/5     Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

We end the week with our big, bad Dragon boss of the Snake-Eye archetype: Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon.

Flamberge Dragon is a Level 8 FIRE Dragon with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF. Great stats, FIRE is strong, and Dragon is the strongest Type in the game. First effect targets a monster on the field or in either graveyard and places it into the owner’s Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell, which can be a unique way to out some of the opponent’s monsters by turning them into dead backrow space. It’s also a common combo to use I:P Masquerena to Link Summon on your turn and place it to your Spell/Trap Zone with this to summon it off the Field Spell on the opponent’s turn so you can use her effect, but you can put any strong monster in the Spell & Trap Zone and summon it off the Field Spell. This can also summon monsters that are Continuous Spells as a Quick Effect on the opponent’s turn, so no relying on getting to it or having the opponent need to summon a monster. Finally, if sent from the hand or field to the graveyard, you get to revive any 2 Level 1 FIRE monsters from said graveyard, making this good Link, Synchro, or discard fodder to extend your plays. Hard once per turn on each effect, of course, but Flamberge Dragon is a key member of the Snake-Eye archetype, especially for more pure variants. You could also see 1 Ash and 1 Flamberge Dragon sometimes in Decks using the rest of the Diabellstar engine as well since those archetypes have their own Level 1 FIREs to revive. A good boss that’s fairly unique.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 Another card to add to the catalog of cool dragons.

Mighty Vee

Closing out the week is the official boss of the Snake-Eye archetype, Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon, a level 8 FIRE Dragon monster to parallel Diabellstar the Black Witch as a Blue-Eyes White Dragon shout-out. Given the FIRE support as of late, being FIRE is excellent, and ironically being a Dragon doesn’t really help much here since Dragon Link prefers LIGHT and DARK Dragons (an unfortunate stipulation that’ll hurt an upcoming archetype). In addition to the name and level, Flamberge shares Blue-Eyes’s stats of 3000 attack and 2500 defense, a very solid spread for a boss monster.

Flamberge has a whopping three hard once per turn effects, though ironically none of them involve summoning itself, a red flag for me! Flamberge’s first effect lets you target a face-up monster on the field or in either Graveyard and place it into you Spell/Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell. This effect is twofold– it can function as non-destruction removal for pesky indestructible monsters, or it can prep follow up for Flamberge’s second effect, a Quick Effect that lets you Special Summon a monster treated as a Continuous Spell to your field, albeit only during your opponent’s turn. Combining these two effects, it’s essentially a roundabout way to steal a monster. Unfortunately, there’s no reliable way to trigger this on turn 1 without using Startling Stare of the Snake-Eyes, which is arguably one of the weaker Snake-Eye search targets. However, you’ll get the most value by placing one of your own monsters to revive it during your opponent’s turn; Snake-Eye combos can Link climb with S:P Little Knight or I:P Masquerena, place them with Flamberge, then revive them next turn for good value. Flamberge’s last effect is also extremely useful, triggering if it’s sent from the hand or field to the Graveyard and letting you Special Summon 2 level 1 FIRE monsters from your Graveyard. Considering you’ll be summoning it off of Snake-Eye Ash or Oak, it’s a net gain of 1 Link material overall, though this effect won’t reach its true potential until Phantom Nightmare. Flamberge is interesting boss design in that it’s purely a combo piece and doesn’t inherently disrupt on its own, in addition to lacking protection or a summoning condition; still, you’ll want to play one or two copies because it’s still a strong combo piece.

+Great for comboing and essentially reviving Link monsters for disruption
-Doesn’t do much by itself
-Can be a brick when run at three copies

Advanced: 3.75/5
Art: 4.25/5 Holy mackerel, the blue and purple! It probably looks divine in-person.

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