Small World
Small World

Small World – #BODE-EN069

Reveal 1 monster in your hand, choose 1 monster from your Deck that has exactly 1 of the same Type, Attribute, Level, ATK or DEF, and banish the revealed monster from your hand face-down. Then add, from the Deck to your hand, 1 monster that has exactly 1 of the same Type, Attribute, Level, ATK or DEF as the monster chosen from your Deck, and banish the card chosen from the Deck face-down. You can only activate 1 “Small World” per turn.

Date Reviewed: December 28, 2021

Rating: 4.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Small World has been gathering some steam as of late, but it’s a good card even before that, so it is high on our list.

You need a monster to reveal with Small World, so it can’t be played on its own. Once revealed, you can search another monster that matches one of the stats of the first monster, add it to your hand, then banish the first face-down. Not done: choose another monster, same clause as the first search, and banish the previous choice face-down…sounds like a lot for a -1. Small World thins the deck and allows you to get to anything you need right now in terms of monsters as long as you can match one of the stats the card has. In archetypes this card is easily used as you can just use “Attribute” each time, since it doesn’t have a restriction of which stat to choose. This is a RoTA (convoluted as it may be) for any deck in Yu-Gi-Oh. You lose two monsters face-down, but many fo the “Pot of” cards do that already. It doesn’t Special Summon the monster, which would’ve been the cherry on top of the card, but it is a Normal Spell that could be serached by generic means. Once per turn is an obvious limitation. The later the game goes on the less choices you may have, but you can get to what you need immediately and make your turn count. Opening hand, you can eliminate a card you don’t want to draw and replace a card in your hand with something better, or even another copy.

There’s a lot of text, and you gotta make sure your third choice is the one you want, because that is the choice you keep. Would hate to see a misplay and select the only copy of a card you needed only to have to banish it face-down for a different one. Archetypes can mow through copies of monsters while other decks can hunt out hand traps or key monsters to advance their moves.


Art-2.5/5- Could’ve made a reference to the Small World ride at Disney World…just saying.

Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

Wanna search any monster in the game? At number 4, from Burst of Destiny, we have Small World.

Small World is a Normal Spell that lets you reveal one monster in the hand, you must then reveal a monster with only one matching trait between ATK, DEF, Type, Attribute, and Level and banish the revealed monster from your hand face-down, you you then add a monster with only one matching trait between ATK, DEF, Type, Attribute, and Level from the monster you revealed from Deck and add the second card to hand while the previously revealed card is also banished face-down. It’s a lot to process, but this can search any card in the game. For example, you can reveal a Level 5 WIND Pyro with 100 ATK and 2900 DEF to then reveal a Level 10 EARTH Pyro with 2000 ATK and 200 DEF to then search a Level 4 DARK Machine with 1200 ATK and 200 DEF cause the only matching stat between the first and second card is the Type, and then between two in three your only matching trait is the DEF. It’s nice for Decks that play a lot of monsters of varying Types, Attributes, Levels, ATK, and DEF stats. You could also search a monster that had multiple traits as the first card revealed in hand just as long as only one trait matched the card revealed from the Deck and that same card only had one matching trait from the card revealed in hand. It’s an interesting card to figure out what you can do with it in a certain Deck. I wouldn’t go too far out of the way to build around this, but it can work in some Decks, even if you have to add something else, just as long as said card can at least help your strategy.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 2/5 It’s a small world after all!

My #4: Baronne de Fleur

Dark Paladin's Avatar

I didn’t check, but I don’t FEEL like we took a look at this during the year.  Small World is a Normal Magic coming in at #4.  There’s a lot of text here, but it’s not as complicated as that text may make it seem.  Reveal a Monster in your Hand, choose one from your Deck that has ONE of the same features (Type/Attribute/Level/Atk/Def) and you then remove the card revealed from your Hand face-down from play.  We’ve seen through some of the more recent Pot cards (not that I’m a fan of cards that remove face-down) that people tend to not care about that, and here at just the one card (thus far) clearly they still don’t.  Then you add from your Deck to your Hand a Monster meeting any one of the same above criteria, and note, it doesn’t even have to be the one you chose earlier to start this chain of events.  Then that chosen card is also removed (from the Deck) face-down.  

Maybe it was more complicated than I initially realized…anyway, this is only limited by what you have in your Hand, and if you KNOW you need or want something in the now, you just make sure you have something of one of the requirements all ready in Hand.  You can only use one of these a Turn…which I’m moderately conflicted about.  It doesn’t bring cards to the Field, but it also doesn’t limit your Special Summons, so that’s probably a key factor in why one a Turn.  

Rating:  4.25/5

Art:  I get what they’re doing here, but for me, this is one of those ‘the art doesn’t fit the title’ cards.  3.5/5 

Mighty Vee

Among the odder cards released this year, Small World generated a lot of buzz after its reveal for Burst of Destiny, becoming our number 4 card on Pojo’s top 10 cards of 2021. Small World is a normal spell and, despite its text, is fairly easy to grasp once you know what it does. You activate Small World by revealing one monster in your hand, then revealing another monster in your deck that shares EXACTLY one of the following traits: type, attribute, level, attack, or defense, afterwards banishing the monster in the hand face-down. Then, you can search one monster from your deck that also shares exactly one of those traits with the monster revealed in the deck (not necessarily the same as the first pair of monsters), banishing the revealed monster as well. Essentially, you have monster A in hand, monster B in deck, and monster C also in deck: monsters A and B share a trait, monsters B and C share a trait, and you banish monsters A and B to search monster C. Got that memorized?

The implications are pretty obvious and caused an uproar at first; Small World can search any monster in the game, provided you have the appropriate “bridges” to serve as monster B and connect monsters A and C. Small World is still a -1, which isn’t so bad if you’re using it in a monster-heavy deck with a lot of 1 card combos to mitigate the drawbacks. It naturally works well in Gizmek decks due to their wide variety in monster traits and their ability to recycle face-down banished cards, which is rare even in modern Yugioh. While Small World hasn’t been a staple smash hit as predicted, it’s still a great card. It’s been seeing success in Tri-Brigade Lyrilusc decks using Dynatherium as a “bridge” and Swordsoul decks for easier access to Swordsoul of Mo Ye and Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan. More generally, Small World can be a big boost in consistency for monster-heavy decks that have trouble searching for their playmakers, so it makes sense that Small World deserves the number 4 spot.

Advanced: 3.75/5

Art: 3.75/5 I didn’t realize it was S-Force Justify (of all monsters) in the artwork, at first I thought it was just a random picture of a galaxy!

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