Sky Striker Mobilize – Linkage!

Sky Striker Mobilize – Linkage! – #MAMA-EN003

If you control no monsters in your Main Monster Zone: You cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn after this card resolves, except “Sky Striker Ace” monsters, also send 1 other card you control to the GY, and if you do, Special Summon 1 “Sky Striker Ace” monster from your Extra Deck to the Extra Monster Zone, and if you have at least 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK “Sky Striker Ace” monsters on your field and/or in your GY, the Summoned monster gains 1000 ATK.

Date Reviewed:  December 4th, 2022

Rating: 4.0

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Crunch$G Avatar

For the other card to review today, we got a pretty good new Spell for the Sky Striker archetype: Sky Striker Mobilize – Linkage!

Linkage is a Quick-Play Spell where if you control no monsters in the Main Monster Zone, you will only be able to summon Sky Striker Aces from the Extra Deck for the rest of the turn, but you get to send another card on your side of the field to the graveyard to summon a Sky Striker Ace from your Extra Deck to the Extra Monster Zone, then the summoned monster gains 1000 ATK if you have at least 1 Sky Striker Ace that’s LIGHT and 1 that’s DARK on your field and/or in your graveyard. So the first bit is standard Sky Striker stuff and the restriction isn’t that bad since you don’t summon that many non-Sky Striker Links as often after Halqifibrax got banned. Overall, it’s a solid card if you don’t draw into Raye or Roze but need to get to your Links, so instead you just swap any card on your field for whatever Link you might need, maybe Kagari to get this back to help get more damage on board. This can also help swap a Sky Striker Ace that already attacked into a Hayate for another direct attack guaranteed. It’s a nice card to help you have more ways to get to the Sky Striker Links while also providing a higher damage output for you to try and go for game. Possibly the best Sky Striker card in recent memory, especially knowing how subpar the cards coming up for the archetype honestly are.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 5/5 It’s great artwork overall, nice of Raye to protect a battle-worn Roze.

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