Happy Pokémon Day!

<Scorbunny sneaks in.>

How about those scalpers. Not a single TCG product in sight on any peg; GameStop employee told me he can’t keep cards in stock more than 10 minutes. Only places I’ve been able to get cards is inside a cereal box or a Happy Meal, and not for long I daresay. Anyhow, kicking off this anniversary day by spotlighting this 10th anniversary set of silver…

Top 10 Collector Pack
Pokemon Top 10 Collector Pack

<Scorbunny hears the word “scalpers” and uses BUNNY BONFIRE!>

Pikachu Pop
Pikachu Pop

… OOOOH NOOO! Scorbunny?! What have you… Oh. Wait. Haha. We now have this 25th anniversary silver Pikachu Pop! from the Ash… er, ash… Also, I found a 25th anniversary card binder with an oversized Pikachu card, the logo for the anniversary is embossed with gold foil though the photo angle doesn’t really catch the gleam. The oversize Pop! is a Target Con exclusive and although I got the binder at GameStop, I hear Target had an exclusive version that came with three boosters (guessing sold out, I never saw one Friday on release date).


I was really hoping to hear more about upcoming toys and plush, but in the meantime, I’ve collected a few new plush, not Pokémon, but nearly as big a target for scalpers, alas. I got a koala Squishmallow for Christmas 2019. I got a Grogu Squishmallow for Christmas 2020. I saw the bunnies at Walmart a couple weeks ago and picked one up. I liked it so much I went back for another and… THE SHELVES WERE BARE. Whut. Discovered Squishmallows are a thing. They look like pillows. Um. OK. Well, I love bunnies and koalas, so… Did a mad dash about town while shopping for groceries and managed to round up this Squad, the Kya koala from Target was kind of a grail as I noticed it was sold out online; never expected to get the cuties I got what with the scalping, feeling very blessed for Easter. Need I say, don’t feed the scalpers. Only buy what you love. I still have my Beanie Babies and as you may have guessed, practicing what I preach, I pretty much have mostly bunnies. My house rabbit Angel loved those, she would groom and chin them “mine.” House rabbits led me to Pikachu, I still think those ears make him more of a bunny Pokémon, at least Buneary thought so…

As always, Team Buneary (Scorbunny is in the Lillipup house for meltdown!) says visit www.rabbit.org adopt don’t shop and Team Komala says visit www.savethekoala.com no tree no me! Happy 25th trainers! PIKA!


P.S. Squishmallows is owned by Jazwares. Wicked Cool Toys is owned by Jazwares. Do the math. Pikachu Squishmallow. This needs to be a thing. But would mere mortals have a chance?!