Sangen Summoning

Sangen Summoning – #LEDE-EN059

During your Main Phase 1, FIRE Dragon monsters you control are unaffected by your opponent’s activated effects. During your Main Phase: You can add 1 “Tenpai Dragon” monster from your Deck to your hand, then discard 1 card. You can only use this effect of “Sangen Summoning” once per turn. If this card is destroyed during the Battle Phase: You can target 1 Dragon Synchro Monster you control; double its ATK.

Date Reviewed:  June 5th, 2024

Rating: 4.17

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Sangen Summoning is the Field Spell that enables the OTK for Tenpai.

As mentioned, Sangen Summoning is the archetype’s Field Spell that you can get to using generic searchers for your Field Spell/Spell Card, or Paidra can get you there within the archetype. Like so many before it, Summoning is a RoTA for Tenpai, searching a Tenpai Dragon from the Deck to the hand, at the cost of another card in your hand that is. So while it isn’t a straight-up 1-for-1, getting something into the grave isn’t a terrible thing. Tenpai Dragon Fadra and Bident Dragon can Special Summon a FIRE Dragon in your graveyard, so discarding a FIRE Dragon would be your best bet if you were looking to mitigate cost…even if you are trying to OTK.

Protection in the Main Phase 1 ensures that your setup to the Battle Phase goes uninterrupted. Now, for the OTK: Destroy Sangen Summoning somehow during the Battle Phase, one Dragon Synchro you control can double its ATK. The goal is to destroy Sangen Summoning after Synchro Summoning to double the ATK of your beefy Synchro Dragon Monster and hit for your OTK. While this can be done in several ways, Trident Dragon is the best way. Summon Trident Dragon, pop Sangen Summoning with it to double the 3000ATK to 6000ATK and attack twice if not three times in total if you destroy two cards with it. You can still give the big boost to something like another Bident Dragon our Friday’s card: Sangenpai Transcendent Dragon and still end up doing 5200ATK damage minimum to an open opponent. It also can be destroyed with something like MST or Cosmic Cyclone, but yes, Trident Dragon is the most reliable way.

RoTA Field Spells are hard to beat and when they lock your opponent from stopping your FIRE Dragon monsters effects during your Main Phase 1 it is even better. Even without being destroyed, Sangen Summoning offers a lot to the player if the OTK isn’t there and if the opponent destroys the Field Spell while you control a Dragon Synchro Monster, you just get double the ATK for that turn. OTK on your turn or when they attack your Dragon Synchro Monster during their turn, whichever is open for you.

Advanced- 4/5      Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

Midweek is the archetypal Field Spell for Tenpai that does almost everything for the Deck: Sangen Summoning.

Sangen Summoning is a Field Spell that during the Main Phase 1, your FIRE Dragons are unaffected by the opponent’s activated effects, ensuring you can get your setup ready for the Battle Phase. During your Main Phase, you can add a Tenpai Dragon from your Deck to your hand and then discard a card, helping potentially get to one of the Dragons you might be missing like Paidra or Chundra, since you’ll likely summon Fadra from Deck with Chundra in the Battle Phase. The search is a hard once per turn, of course. Final effect triggers on destruction during the Battle Phase, letting you double the ATK of a Dragon Synchro you control, making Trident Dragion extra dangerous as a 6000 ATK monster that can attack 3 times, that is if you haven’t OTKed at that point yet. Sangen Summoning ensures your plays, searches for your missing pieces, and increases the ATK of your monsters for more damage to OTK the opponent. It’s another one of the important pieces for the Deck, so playing 3 to see it as soon as possible is recommended.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 I guess this is a winning Mahjong hand or whatever you do in that game?

Mighty Vee

On reveal, Tenpai was speculated to be rogue at best, but now quite a few players consider Tenpai to be a plague on the house of Yugioh– with today’s card being cited as the main reason! Sangen Summoning is the premiere Field Spell of the Sangen subarchetype, searchable by Tenpai Dragon Paidra and, of course, Terraforming. Sangen Summoning has three effects, though its first effect is the one that has people grabbing pitchforks; during the Main Phase 1, your FIRE Dragon monsters on the field are unaffected by your opponent’s activated effects. This basically allows you to set up your OTK kill shot during your Main Phase 1 since, surprise, most disruptions are activated effects! Additionally, many disruptions (such as I:P Masquerena into S:P Little Knight) can only be used during the Main Phase, giving your Tenpai and Sangen monsters protection where they need it most. Of course, your opponent can still stop Sangen Summoning itself or Sangen Kaimen if necessary, but if you managed to hard open your combo, it will all be for naught. That’s not even counting Sangen Summoning’s other effects! On a hard once per turn, you can search any Tenpai Dragon monster, then discard a card. It’s a simple ROTA, but simplicity is all you need when Paidra kickstarts many of your combos. Naturally, you should search whatever Tenpai you see fit for the situation, so don’t count out Chundra or Fadra when necessary. Finally, if Sangen Summoning is destroyed during the Battle Phase, you can target one of your Dragon Synchro monsters and double its attack. This is meant to combo with the effects of their boss monster as well as their honorary boss monster, both Dragon Synchro monsters with effects that can, well, destroy cards during the Battle Phase. They can easily destroy Sangen Summoning and buff their attack to absurd levels, likely finishing off the opponent if nothing goes wrong. It goes without saying that Sangen Summoning is an extremely powerful card; if Tenpai opens good enough with Sangen Summoning, it’s entirely possible to lose and be unable to do anything about it. If Tenpai gets hit in a future banlist, I can see Sangen Summoning being one of (if not the only) cards to be limited, though I don’t think Tenpai is too absurdly strong for Sangen Summoning to be banned immediately. Obviously, you’ll run three copies, plus Terraforming.

+Protects your Tenpai and Sangen monsters from disruption where they need it most
+Enables OTK plays
+Can search combo pieces
-Vulnerable to Spell/Trap negation and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
-Doesn’t protect from disruptions that can be activated during the Battle Phase

Advanced: 4.5/5
Art: 3.5/5 I only just noticed the Mahjong tile floating in the middle, that’s pretty funny

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