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Target 2 WATER monsters with 1500 or less ATK in your Graveyard; add those targets to your hand.


Date Reviewed: 
September 19, 2019

Rating: 3.42

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Crunch$G Avatar

A few weeks ago we looked at an old Invasion of Chaos common, so here we are again with another old one, and one I was surprised to not see a review for on the site at all, Salvage.

Salvage is a Normal Spell that targets 2 WATER monsters with 1500 or less ATK in the graveyard and adds them to your hand. Yeah, pretty simple enough. It’s a plus 1 in advantage grabbing back 2 monsters, but at the same time you have to target 2, not just 1 if you only have 1 in the graveyard. That kinda stings, but at the same time it shouldn’t be hard to get 2 WATER monsters with 1500 or less ATK into the graveyard. Swap Frog, Dupe Frog, Neptabyss, Deep Sea Diva, I can keep listing good WATER monsters with low ATK all day if I wanted to. It’s a great recovery play if you need it, or maybe an extender if you know you can keep going to be in a better position, but it can feel unnecessary or even just win-more when you are already in a good position to where adding on to it isn’t necessary at all, especially now decks are fast enough to generate a lot of advantage very fast. It’s just a card that the slower your archetype might be, the more necessary this card might feel like to you.

Advanced Rating: 3.75/5

Art: 4/5 I don’t know if Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness is a sea creature you want to upset.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Despite my feeling that I’ve reviewed this before, after checking the archives, we seem not to have covered this simple little card before, so it’s another first for Throwback Thursday, in Salvage.  Salvage is a Normal Magic card, and one that does one thing.  You Target 2 Water Monsters with 1500 or less attack in your Graveyard and add them to your Hand.  A +1 on the surface, in terms of card advantage, could lead to more.

This is a classic case of ‘what you choose to bring back depends on what you get from it’.  There are an asinine amount of Water Monsters in and out of the Marincess theme you can retrieve with this.  Mermail, Atlantean, the list just goes on and on, and while this is (as all Graveyard retrieval cards are) dependent on what you have in your Graveyard, that shouldn’t be a deterrent to playing it.

In my opinion, this card is a slow retrieval card.  And remember, it’s just a retrieval card, not a revival card.  We like speed in our game, and simply retrieving things might not be reason enough to warrant playing this.  But it’s never bad to get resources back.  If it works in your play style, regardless of your Water them, use it.  But I wouldn’t use more than 1.

Rating:  3/5  Helpful for some, not so helpful for others.  To each their own

Art:  Meh again 3/5 too, Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness here salvaging Amphibious Bugroth MK-3…it does what it says, which is more than I got from the rest of the art this week.

KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Salvage is the Throwback Thursday choice and a good generic card from a while ago for most WATER monsters.

Play this and get two WATER monsters, 1500ATK or less from your grave to the hand. Not a hard once per turn, multiple copies in a turn are available to be used. According to the Yugioh Wiki there are 370 available targets for this card…yup, on that alone this card is good. This is a must in several WATER archetypes like Atlantean, Cryston, Cloudian, Gishki, Frog, Mermail, and Marincess to name a few. While it can’t get boss monsters back for the most part, it can get back your combo pieces to get to your bigger monsters.

The card is simple to understand, and use, not a once per turn, and is good at getting back pieces for WATER-based strategies.


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