Sales Ban
Sales Ban

Sales Ban – #BACH-EN063

Declare 1 card name; for the rest of this turn, your opponent cannot activate cards, or the effects of cards, with the same original name as that declared card. The same restrictions apply to you, but for the rest of this Duel instead of just this turn. You can only activate 1 “Sales Ban” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  April 19th, 2022

Rating: 3.44

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Sales Ban is a one-turn Prohibition.

Same effect as Prohibition but in Normal Spell form, Sales Ban locks out a singular card’s effect(s) for the turn for the opponent, but for the Duel for you. This is a solid Side Deck choice. Can be better than Prohibition because it isn’t left vulnerable on the field, but if you are looking to negate something/prevent something from activating that you use as well you are losing out on that card for the rest of the game. Despite that drawback, Sales Ban is easy to play and gain advantage from, even if you lose a card for the game. This is something that is excellent when you are trying to lock down an opponent’s boss monster/force out a negation, or you know what your opponent has and want to prevent that. With games able to be done in a few turns the drawback to this card may not even be felt in time for it to be a downside for you.

I can see Sales Ban being strictly a hand trap lockdown, even more if you see your opponent add said card to their hand. Anything your opponent adds to their hand that you can confirm 100% is a target for Sales Ban, especially if you don’t run that certain card. This card could have been really fun if it were a Quick-Play, however it is still a good offensive card to play at the start of your turn to prevent counter moves, or a measure to lockdown anything you suspect/know your opponent has.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up we got a card that can see some niche application in the game if used wisely: Sales Ban.

Sales Ban is a Normal Spell that lets you declare a card name so that for the rest of the turn, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects of cards with the same original name for that turn. After that, the restriction applies to you for the rest of the Duel. You can at least get around the latter part if you aren’t playing the card you called that you want to be safe from. You would also want to use this on something that isn’t a Quick Effect or at least would have to trigger its Quick Effect at a suboptimal time if the opponent was to if you’re going to use this, otherwise you’re likely going to have that card chained to this and accomplish nothing. Best targets might be hand traps like Ash Blossom, Ghost Ogre, Imperm, etc. It’ll sting if you’re playing those cards since they are staples, but if you didn’t see them in your opening hand, then I don’t imagine it’ll even hurt to call them. It’s a fine card to help ensure your plays go through without being too easy to just slap on the field, like Called by the Grave when your main play would get disrupted with a hand trap. It’s also a hard once per turn, so no shutting out everything that would ruin your plays. It’s a fine card really, not a counter to every card in the game, but it can take care of some issues you might have here or there enough to warrant experimentation in the Side Deck, mainly how the OCG has used this.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 Kinda has a mix of old school art with a modern touch. I like it.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Sales Ban-the smart player’s Confiscation

Anyway, to start, I had a lot of questions ruling wise about this card, so I’m going to share some of the rulings as of now with this in my review. 

But first-for the unaware, or those who didn’t play when Confiscation was legal…it lets you look at your opponent’s Hand, and discard 1 card to their Graveyard, for 1000 Lifepoints.  Now, how does a card with no cost, a softer semi-mimic Effect, and a harsher penalty become the smart version of Confiscation?  Well, mostly, based on how the rulings played out for Sales Ban.

For starters, this may not seem like something you’d actually consider playing.  In a Mirror Match (or close enough therein) you may think it would only hurt you as your cards are similar.  However, two things play into that:

1-If you declare the name of a card you all ready played (say perhaps even a Limited card) then you KNOW not being able to use it for the rest of the Duel is of little consequence.  

2-Since this only locks your opponent out of a Card or Effect until the End of the Turn, especially if you happen to have knowledge of your opponent’s Hand and/or what they’ve played (or not) to the point you know they have to be holding something…again, hopefully something you’ve all ready gotten to play.

The next point of note here, is that suppose you’re wrong, if you’re playing multiples of this, you’re ALLOWED TO CALL THE/A CARD YOU CALLED when you previously played this card.  The cool part about that, as well, is that if you’re calling the same card, then you’re not further punishing yourself (again even less so if you’ve played said card all ready).  I will point out this little bit seems to be a loophole for your opponent, or at least could be, the same as the ‘all ready played the card’ could be for you.

This is a great anti-Pendulum card too, if necessary, as declaring a Pendulum Monster locks out its Monster AND Pendulum Effect(s) and prevents it from being activated to the Pendulum Zone.  And one last important thing to note:

This card does NOT (repeat DOES NOT) affect cards who treat themselves as the same original name as the card declared.  ONLY the card(s) of the original, actual name, as the card declared.  I really feel this card may receive some Erratas here, and maybe soon, as the clarity on this card as of now isn’t particularly great.

But I love cards like this.  Anything that makes you think as to how to play, and while the ‘rest of the Duel’ clause seems costly, it really doesn’t have to be.  Sometimes, too, I’m sure there’s going to be times it doesn’t matter if you played the card or not, and you’re still able to advance or even win regardless.  This card is oozing with potential.

Rating:  4.5/5  This thing HAS to be a Side-Deck tech at the very least

Art:  4/5  You know, this kinda looks like the picture to Royal Oppression…I know all the pseudo remakes of our eternal Banned cards are supposed to have similar art, but this kinda strays a bit too far from Confiscation, IMO

Mighty Vee

Crossout Designator and Prohibition not enough for you? Sales Ban is a normal spell that functions as a more extreme version of these cards in your neck of the woods. Like the former two, you declare a card name, then for the rest of the turn, your opponent can’t activate cards or card effects with that name. As a consequence, you can’t use that card yourself for the rest of the duel. Functionally, it’s a mix-and-match of Crossout Designator and Prohibition, shutting down troublesome quick effects on your own turn only. If you like decks that don’t play staple hand traps and are confident you won’t run into mirror matches, this is a fine card. However, in general I think Crossout Designator is much more effective at stopping hand traps, and Prohibition is better for locking your opponent’s key cards. It’s a rather niche card and hard to justify over the other two, but I’m sure there are decks out there that can use it as a side deck tech.

Advanced: 2.25/5

Art: 3/5 Wake up everyone, Magical Merchant lore just dropped


Today’s card makes me think of a much older card – Prohibition. Maybe we’ll get around to reviewing that card soon…?

Cheekiness aside, Sales Ban is a pretty simple card. Call a card name; then neither Player can activate that card or its effects for the Turn. HOWEVER, the one activating Sales Ban (i.e. YOU) can’t activate the declared card for the rest of the duel either.

Seems like an oddly specific card. I really only see 2 reasons to use this card: 1) There’s a particular card that can really put a wrench in your plans. 2) You’ve sided into Games 2 or 3 and you know what strategy your opponent is on. You can then call trap that they run (like Swordsoul Blackout)

To me this seems like a gamble. If you’re a combo deck, you could run this to stop your opponent from Drolling or Ashing you if you REALLY need that search. But couldn’t you just use Crossout Designator instead? I suppose there are ups and downs to both of these options. On one hand, Sales Ban takes up less space in your Deck to run (as you don’t need to cram in a bunch of random hand traps). But on the other, there’s nothing worse than calling “Ghost Belle” and getting Skull Meistered instead.
Overall, this can seal a duel up or it could do nothing at all.

Advanced Rating – 3/5
Art – 2/5


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