Saffira, Queen of Dragons
Saffira, Queen of Dragons

Saffira, Queen of Dragons – #OP24-EN021

You can Ritual Summon this card with “Hymn of Light”. During the End Phase, if this card was Ritual Summoned this turn, or if a LIGHT monster was sent from the hand or Deck to the GY this turn while this card was face-up on the field: You can activate 1 of these effects;
● Draw 2 cards, then discard 1 card.
● Discard 1 random card from your opponent’s hand.
● Add 1 LIGHT monster from your GY to your hand.
You can only use this effect of “Saffira, Queen of Dragons” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  April 11th, 2024

Rating: 3.58

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Saffira, Queen of Dragons is the Throwback Thursday choice this week and something I like seeing get some lore added to it.

While you can summon her with Hymn of Light, you are likely using Prayers of the Voiceless Voice because it is easier within the archetype to run that and Lo taking up all the tribute fodder.

End Phase effect is immediately a balance as it won’t trigger upon Saffira’s summon (also is seen as a negative at times among players). If you Ritual Summoned her that turn, or sent a LIGHT monster to the grave via the hand or Deck while Saffira was on the field, you can better your situation through one of three effects she carries. Saffira’s effect is once per turn, either turn, so if she survives a turn where you lose a LIGHT monster from the Deck or hand, you’ll benefit from Saffira’s effect.

The draw two then discarding one will trigger anything that needs to be sent to the grave. Sending something to the grave can set up something for next turn, and, as always, drawing two cards is somewhat of a holy grail in Yu-Gi-Oh. Discard a card randomly from the opponent’s hand can backfire depending on the archetype/strategy they’re playing. It is an effect that has gotten less and less ideal unless you know exactly what is in their hand or if you are in a topdeck situation where discarding that resource won’t hurt you. LIGHT monster from the grave to the hand replenishes your hand with something to use for a Ritual Summon next turn, or puts something like Effect Veiler back into your hand to counter your opponent, or can send something from the Extra Deck back there from the grave. I think the draw two, discard one is always the best choice, unless you REALLY need that LIGHT monster, and the Effect Veiler situation is one of those situations where it would be best.

A really good Ritual Monster that provides you with something in the End Phase and will only benefit you the longer you can keep her on the field. Pretty good stats and there’s some decent protection out there now. Even if you only get her effect once, it should be worth the Ritual Summon, especially now that there’s an archetype for her.

Advanced- 4/5     Art- 3.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

With Sauravis being covered not all that long ago, the old Skull Guardian being a vanilla that isn’t really worth covering, and the new card of course being tomorrow, the only fitting Throwback Thursday choice remaining is Saffira, Queen of Dragons.

Saffira is a Level 6 LIGHT Dragon Rituaul with 2500 ATK and 2400 DEF. A fairly good statline for a Level 6, LIGHT is great, and Dragon is pretty powerful. You can Ritual Summon this with Hymn of Light, which is her old Ritual Spell before she tied into the Voiceless Voice archetype. During the End Phase, if this card was Ritual Summoned that turn, or if a LIGHT monster was sent from the hand or Deck to the graveyard while this was on the field, you can apply 1 of 3 effects. The choices are to draw 2 and discard 1, discard a random card out of the opponent’s hand, or add a LIGHT monster back from the graveyard to your hand. The draw 2 and discard 1 is fine if you already got what you need and just want some hand traps potentially, the discard can take a play-enabler or board wipe away from the opponent’s hand, and the recover effect sets you up for next turn. All 3 are decent effects only slowed down by being End Phase only, but at least it’s either player’s End Phase, hopefully letting you trigger this several times while on the field. It’s a hard once per turn effect total, so you can’t try to get all 3 effects with multiple of these on the field. She honestly doesn’t really see much play in Voiceless Voice, but I don’t imagine she’s the worst if you want to try. She’s better in something like pure Cyber Angels or Herald of Perfection, which is fine. Not a bad card, certainly a fun one for some Decks, just not what Voiceless Voice needs.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 5/5 Pretty majestic artwork at least.

Mighty Vee

Throwback Thursday brings us (unfortunately for me) neither Skull Guardian nor Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended; instead, it’s Saffira, Queen of Dragons, a level 6 LIGHT Dragon Ritual monster. Saffira is another ridiculously searchable card, to the point you could probably play a deck with more than 30 copies, even if I can’t imagine why you would. In the context of Voiceless Voice, you can obviously search it with its retrain, Saffira, Dragon Queen of the Voiceless Voice, and it’s a valid Pre-Preparation of Rites target as well. Statwise it packs an impressive 2500 attack and 2400 defense for a level 6 monster, though they’re muddled by Saffira being a Ritual monster.

Saffira’s recommended Ritual Spell is Hymn of Light, though you’re much better off summoning it using Voiceless cards as an engine; Lo will generously provide the necessary tribute fodder, but if you must, even Voiceless Saffira will suffice as a level 6 monster. Saffira has a single hard once per turn effect that triggers during the End Phase the turn you either Special Summon it or send any LIGHT monster from your hand or deck to the Graveyard while Saffira is on the field, letting you choose between the following three effects.

  1. Draw 2 cards then discard 1 
  2. Rip a random card from your opponent’s hand
  3. Recycle any LIGHT monster from your Graveyard back to your hand

All effects have their uses, though the most useful is a toss-up between the second and third effects. Drawing cards is nice in a midrange deck like Voiceless where almost every card is useful, but I think maintaining advantage by ripping your opponent’s hand is much more annoying. Recycling is also great for getting Sauravis back after using it or retrieving Skull Guardian if it somehow dies. The elephant in the room is that Saffira is unfortunately an auxiliary card; unlike Sauravis, Saffira lacks a Hand Trap effect, which means you need to go out of your way to summon it. The standard Voiceless combo only has the opportunity to Ritual Summon once, and you should always prioritize the boss. Saffira is an option for more combo-heavy builds, but it’s ultimately a brick that’s hard to justify in optimal builds.

+Easy to summon in a vacuum
+All effects useful to a degree
-None of the effects are particularly amazing
-Forces you to waste resources to summon it

Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 3.75/5 “HEAR ME OUT…”

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