Real VR Fishing” offers a fantastic fishing experience, allowing players to use their motion controllers to cast their lines, reel in fish, and adjust their technique based on the behavior of different species. 

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Real VR Fishing offers many fantastic fishing locations all around the globe

Graphics and Immersion: One of the standout features of Real VR Fishing is its stunning graphics and immersive environments. The game utilizes VR technology to transport players to picturesque fishing spots, complete with realistic water effects, dynamic weather conditions, and detailed fish models. Whether you’re casting your line on a serene lake or battling a fish in choppy waters, the visuals help create a truly immersive experience.

Reeling in a fish can be a fun little fight


The motion-controlled casting feels intuitive but requires a little practice. Mastering the flick of your wrist to send that lure flying is surprisingly satisfying. Reeling feels smooth, adding another layer of immersion to the fight.

The game features a wide variety of fish to catch, each with its own unique behavior patterns and challenges. From casting accuracy to choosing the right bait, there’s a satisfying level of depth to the gameplay that will appeal to both casual players and fishing enthusiasts alike.

You can fish from shore or fish from boats.  You can fish in saltwater locations or freshwater locations.  And there is a nice variety of rods, reels, bait, and boats for purchase with currency you earn while leveling-up.  Real VR Fishing can easily be played sitting down or standing up.  

Flex your rod in NYC

There are three difficulty levels in Real VR Fishing: Normal, Hard, and Expert.

Normal Difficulty: Wear goggles that can search for fish and see where they are in real time. It also gives you a guide on how to fish fight. It’s easier to catch fish. This setting gives you more of an arcade type experience.  

Hard Difficulty: Use a fish detector that can search for fish. You can’t see the location of the fish in real time, and a fish fight guide is not available. Rewards are doubled compared to normal difficulty.

Expert Difficulty: No one tells you where the fish are or what to do in a fish fight! Rewards are tripled compared to normal difficulty.

Hard Difficulty -You can use a fish finder to locate fish.

Content: The game boasts a range of different fishing locations to explore, from tranquil ponds to bustling urban rivers, each offering its own set of challenges and opportunities. In addition to the single-player experience, Real VR Fishing also includes multiplayer functionality, allowing players to fish with friends or compete in tournaments for bragging rights.

Play with friends around the world and see them fishing right next to you!

Controls: The controls in Real VR Fishing are intuitive and responsive, making it easy for players to pick up and play. Whether you’re a VR veteran or a newcomer to the platform, the game’s simple yet effective control scheme ensures that you’ll be reeling in fish in no time.

Fishing in Japan

Overall Experience: Real VR Fishing delivers on its promise of providing a realistic and immersive fishing experience in virtual reality. With its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and multiplayer functionality, it’s a must-play title for anyone looking to escape to the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Pojo Notes:

  • Real VR Fishing retails for about $20.  This is very reasonable for the a video game these days.  Here’s a code to save 25% off your purchase
  • Our gameplay has been on the Meta Quest 2, and it looks great.  We imagine it looks even better on a Meta Quest 3.  
  • This game can be played sitting down or standing up.  It can be fun to play from a swivel computer chair, or a swivel bar chair.  And then you can can cast in any direction easily.  It will feel like you’re in a nice bass bucket seat!
  • Real VR Fishing is pretty much what you will expect from a VR fishing game.  You are casting with one controller, and reeling in the fish with your other controller.  The controllers will vibrate when the fish is fighting/running, and you will have to yank your fishing pole in the opposite directing to fight your fish.  The game is pretty simple to learn. 
  • This is a good game for gamers that suffer from VR motion sickness.  You are standing still (or sitting) the whole time.  The only thing that really moves is the fish you are battling.  
  • Multiplayer is a relaxing gaming experience with friends and family.  Your friends might be a continent away IRL, but their avatars will be fishing right next to you, and you can easily catch up with real life while fishing.  
  • This is definitely not an action/shooter.  Look elsewhere if you want that.  This is just a relaxing fishing game … unless a shark decides to take your lined fish!
  • During gameplay – Keep about half your fish for money.  And release about half your fish for experience.  You will need money to buy better rods, reels, and boats.  But you will need experience to open up more fishing locations on that world map.
  • Speaking of boats, your boats are totally stationary.  They are fixed to one spot on the water.  It would be cool if you could drive your boats around to different fishing spots on the lake.
  • There are 4 add-on DLC’s to expand your fishing experience.  These DLC’s add more locations and more varieties of fish.