Rage with Eyes of Blue
Rage with Eyes of Blue

Rage with Eyes of Blue
– #LED3-EN004

Banish this card, and as many cards as possible from your hand, field, and GY, face-down, and if you do, Special Summon up to 3 copies of “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” from your Deck. You cannot Normal or Special Summon monsters the turn you activate this card, except “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”.


Date Reviewed: October 26, 2018

Rating: 1.63

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Rage with Eyes of Blue makes a long-standing Yu-Gi-Oh meme come true: MST negates.

Banish all cards you have face-down and then Special Summon up to 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons from your deck. Straight-away this is hardly worth the cost. If you topdeck this thing, and have 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons in your deck (which any good BEWD deck won’t unless turn one…maybe), then it may be okay, but losing everything is tough if something goes wrong. As stated above, because you need to banish this face-down as well, MST can be chained to destroy this card and then poof! Everything is gone and no Blue-Eyes White Dragons for you. Being able to clear any problems from your opponents field with Raigeki or Twin Twister, then banish stuff to do potentially 9000LP damage is tempting, but not practical. I’m sure there are ways you can minimize the cost, but its just so risky and not something Blue-Eyes White Dragon decks need anymore. They have so much support that most wouldn’t think about running the card.

Advanced-1/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

WarlockBlitz's Avatar

This card needed some protection. Rage with Eyes of Blue is a QuickPlay Spell Card that costs everything to gain up to 3 Normal Monsters. That’s it. Three Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field isn’t as much of a threat as it used to be. A monster with Moon Mirror Shield blocks everything this card could do. You have to banish everything face-down from your hand, field, and grave to Special Summon up to 3 BEWD from your deck. If you drew or searched or used any original BEWD then using this card is a waste. If you have summoned anything that isn’t BEWD during the turn, you can’t even activate this, and you can’t summon anything other than BEWD after you use it. Up to 3 BEWD with no protection and no effects. Rage with Eyes of Blue sounds great and looks great but is all bark. Happy Friday!

Score: 2/5     Art: 5/5

Crunch$G Avatar

We began this month with Blue-Eyes, so we will end this month with Blue-Eyes and one of the more interesting cards of this set, Rage with Eyes of Blue.

Rage with Eyes of Blue is a Quick-Play Spell that when activated, you banish this card and as many cards as possible in your hand, on your field, and in your GY as possible to Special Summon up to three copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your Deck and you cannot Normal or Special Summon monsters for the rest of this turn except for Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Ok, I’ll just say it, this is bad. Summoning a bunch of monsters in one turn is common in this game nowadays, and just summoning three Blue-Eyes White Dragons for a turn isn’t the bunch of monsters you want to summon really. Sure, three monsters with 3000 ATK from one card sounds scary, but that is the only summon you’ll get since you can’t summon before you use this and if you had anything on the field, it is banished face-down, which sucks that you lose everything just for three Blue-Eyes White Dragons. The biggest downside is that Mystical Space Typhoon, Twin Twisters, Cosmic Cyclone, and many other cards can negate this since you cannot banish it from the field face-down, meaning you likely lose everything and you don’t get three Blue-Eyes White Dragons. With all that said, however, I don’t hate this card. The idea of just summoning three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and hoping it is enough is such a Kaiba move and pulling this off for three Blue-Eyes White Dragons is just cool, so if you want to build a deck around this, have fun, cause that is what cards like this are made for, fun. And this month was meant to be fun, cause Legendary Duelists is meant to be a fun set, and I and I’m sure many others think that some of the archetypes if not all of them are fun. Summon your three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and hope for the best (or less if you drew into the Blue-Eyes White Dragons). Have fun! 🙂

Advanced Rating: 2/5

Art: 5/5 Screw the rules, I have money… and three Blue-Eyes White Dragons!

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Ending Legendary Duelists month is a Quickplay Magic card, Rage with Eyes of Blue.  Wow, I don’t have much to say on this, because, in short, (to channel my Ex Minion of Darkness) you’re giving up ALL your resources, everywhere, removing them from play (face-down, no less) just for three 3000 attack NORMAL Monsters.  This card is going to make you -x (assuming here x could be easily in the double digits, probably rather high) I mean, the earlier you could use this, the better, as you lose less cards.  It’s a fun idea, but you’re giving up way too much, and not getting enough in return.  Not that 9000 attack isn’t awesome, but if your opponent has ANYTHING down on the Field, you’re likely just wasting and losing all those cards…

Rating:  1.5/5

Art:  4/5  The eyes sure are blue, aren’t they?  Not enough rage though

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