Quintet Magician
Quintet Magician

#7 – Quintet Magician
– #DUPO-EN040

5 Spellcaster monsters Must be Fusion Summoned. If this card is Fusion Summoned using 5 Spellcaster monsters with different names: You can destroy all cards your opponent controls. This face-up card on the field cannot be Tributed, nor used as Fusion Material, also it cannot be destroyed by card effects.

Date Reviewed: December 23, 2019

Rating: 4.33

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King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

#7 had me VERY surprised. Did not expect with the card pool of 2019 to see Quintet Magician on the countdown (as a lifelong Spellcaster fan/player, I hang my head in shame for not seeing it).

Five Spellcaster monsters is a lot, and needing to Fusion Summon this does help, but you still need 5 monsters. The tribute protection helps a great deal against anti-meta stuff like Nibiru, Kaiju, and Sphere Mode. Destruction protection from card effects is something you’d hope to see on something that will cost you a fusion card and five materials, and the protection makes this card tough to out. Fusion protection ironically protects it from a card you may use to help summon it: Super Poly. With Super Poly at 3, Shaddolls could make this no problem, but Quintet Magician works best alongside Magicalized Fusion or the trap version of it: Necro Fusion, both utilizing graveyard Spellcasters. You get a Raigeki/Harpies Feather Duster combo effect only if your 5 casters all have different names, which is possible with the above-mentioned fusion cards.

Quintet Magician is best used in a deck that specializes in summoning it. You need the fusion card, a way to search the fusion card, and five or more different-named Spellcaster-Type monsters to get the full benefit of this magician. If you summon it without the five different, you do still get everything aside from the board wipe, and Quintet is 4500/4500.

Advanced-4/5     Art-5/5

Until Next Time,


Number 7 gives us a Five-Headed Dragon for Spellcasters, Quintet Magician.

Quintet is a Level 12 DARK Spellcaster Fusion with 4500 ATK and DEF. Great stats for a monster this big, and being a DARK Spellcaster is pretty good. Its summoning requirements are any 5 Spellcaster monsters, but it does make the investment worth it more than Five-Headed Dragon does for its 5 Dragons needed. It must be Fusion Summoned, because easy 4500 bodies with solid protection seems too good. If you Fusion Summon this using 5 Spellcasters with different names, you can destroy all your opponent’s cards. It’s a very powerful blowout for giving up specifically 5 different Spellcasters, but doing such is fairly easy, especially since you can use Magicalize Fusion and the graveyard to give you the different Spellcasters. This face-up card on the field cannot be used as Fusion Material, can’t be tributed, and can’t be destroyed by card effects. So it’s immune to Super Polymerization, Kaijus, and Rageki. That’s honestly pretty good protection to have, though a Castel can still put this back in the Extra Deck and a Borreload can steal this from you. It’s a fairly powerful boss for Spellcasters and I’m sure it can find a good home in one of those decks.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 It’s an upgraded Dark Magician. I kinda would of liked a different coloring scheme to make it look better, but it’s fine for what it is.

My #7: Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay


My #7:  Cyber Dragon Nanchester
Position on my List:  #1  (As if that should surprise anybody).

So, as said, being the Spellcaster fan I am, Quintet Magician clocked in at #1 on my list.  A tremendous Fusion requiring any 5 Spellcaster Monsters who has 4500 attack and defense, as well as having One Turn Kill potential built in.  Assuming you used 5 differently named Spellcasters to Fuse this card, you get a full nuke of your opponent’s side of the Field.  

Assuming the resolution of that is successful, you’ve got at least one 4500 attack Monster on your side to wail on your opponent with for the turn.  Being Level 12 is good, it can open up some insanely high XYZ plays, if necessary, although it can’t be used as Fusion Material itself, or be Tributed.  It does have immunity from card effects, however, which is another benefit.  Wonderful card for the Spellcaster player.

Rating:  5/5  Some bias does factor into that, but it’s end of the year countdown, so I’m generous I guess.

Art:  5/5 also…better 5 of the Magician circles than 5 heads or something weird.  Beautiful colors in the suit as well as the background.


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