Qliphort Scout
Qliphort Scout

Qliphort Scout – #PEVO-EN057

Pendulum Effect
You cannot Special Summon monsters, except “Qli” monsters. This effect cannot be negated. Once per turn: You can pay 800 LP; add 1 “Qli” card from your Deck to your hand, except “Qliphort Scout”.
Monster Effect
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Date Reviewed:  July 1st, 2024

Rating: 3.92

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

We’re taking a look at the Top 10 Pendulum Monsters in the game currently. Not gonna lie, forgot we were going to be doing this mid-way through the year. Anyways, lets start with the first card on the countdown: Qliphort Scout.

Scout has no meaningful text in the monster part of the card, though I don’t mind story or creative text now and then on a card. Despite that, Scout was one of the reasons why Qliphort were one of the top decks in the game at one time. Locking yourself into Qli monsters wasn’t anything, there were many high-level, high ATK monsters that could Special Summon themselves in addition to being Pendulum Monsters. Highly searchable within the archetype, Scout was your Qli searcher from the Deck to the hand at the cost of 800LP. No one cared about paying LP or losing LP, making this cost all but nothing to the player. Any Qli card was available, not just the Pendulum Monsters, which, at the time had all the bells and whistles that Pendulum Decks had for searching and monsters.

Qliphort Scout was so devastating because of the cards it could get you to and, normally you’d be able to use its effect only once per turn…but with Performapal Trampolynx it could be activated up to three times per turn. That was the combo: Scout into the Pendulum Zone, activate effect, either summon or place Trampolynx in the Pendulum Zone, activate its effect to bounce Scout, then place Scout again and activate the effect again.

Searching Saqlifice turned any Qli monster into a double tribute so whatever you sacrificed for the Tribute Summon would be at full power rather than the restriction that was placed on all Qli monsters if not Tribute Summoned. Once hitting the grave, Saqlifice searched a Qli monster from the Deck and added it to your hand. If the cards fell correctly you could have gotten four searches in one turn with only a few cards. Combined with Monolith, you’d get searches with Scout and a few draws from Monolith ifyou tributed for a Qli Tribute Summon, even though you had a full scale at that point and could just Pendulum Summon. On top of that, Qli monsters became Level 4 when not Tribute Summoned, so even if they weren’t at full power, you were still having to deal with Utopia the Lightning (at the time an inane powerhouse).

Qliphort Scout was an easily searched monster that was a great starting point for the archetype to make their plays. You always wanted to see that card first turn and the game would often hinge on getting that effect off. You didn’t need the combo with Trampolynx, players won without it, but it never hurt them to use it.

Advanced- 4/5     Art- 3.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

It’s very hard to believe Pendulum Monsters are now 10 years old, but time stops for nobody I guess. Just like Synchros and Xyzs, we are going to do a Top 10 for the best Pendulum Monsters in the game, and we start with a card from what was the first good Pendulum Deck in the game. From The New Challengers, we have Qliphort Scout.

Qliphort Scout as a Pendulum Scale is a Scale 9, which is a good high scale, but you cannot Special Summon any monsters that aren’t Qli monsters, and that effect cannot be negated, so locking you in archetype, which all the Qli scales do. Scout, however, has a bonus Pendulum Effect where once per turn, you can pay 800 LP to add any Qli card from your Deck to your hand. You can get your Tribute Fodder with Carrier and Helix, some of your Tribute Monsters like Disk, Shell, Stealth, or pre-Links you could probably efficiently run Apoqliphort Towers. You also got some decent backrow optitons like Saqlifice, Laser Qlip, Qlimate Change, and Re-qliate. You can even search for the archetype’s other good Pendulum Scale, Qliphort Monolith, for End Phase draw power to reward your Tribute Summons. Being able to search for Monolith also allowed Metalfoes to access Cyber Dragon Infinity once upon a time by searching the Monolith, destroying the Scout, and then Pendulum Summoning both.

As a monster, Qliphort Scout is a Level 5 EARTH Machine Normal Pendulum with 1000 ATK and 2800 DEF. So a beefy DEF basically along with a good Type/Attribute combination. It’s a Normal Monster, so Summoner’s Art is relevant, but besides that there’s nothing else to mention. Scout is your key searcher for the Qliphort archetype, hence why it was one of the cards in the Deck to get hit back in its prime. Now, you can play 3 Qliphort Scout and you for sure should in any Qliphort Deck. It’s likely leaning away from Apoqliphort Towers now and more towards using floodgates more than ever before since that’s the best way to play the Deck now, but it’s still somewhat decent. Deck needs support, but Scout will remain a 3-of, especially with the search being a soft OPT.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 3.5/5 Qlis are mostly just basic, but interestingly designed ships.

My #10: Qliphort Scout

Mighty Vee

If it seemed like we rushed through Legacy of Destruction, that’s because we did! This week we’re taking a detour to start our Top 10 Pendulum monster countdown. What better to start us off than the illustrious Qliphort Scout? A member of the Qliphort archetype, Scout is a level 5 EARTH Machine Pendulum monster with a scale of 9. While you can technically access it with Saqlifice and Qliphort Disc, the most straightforward way is through the Graveyard effect of Clockwork Night or Summoner’s Art (hurray for Normal Monsters!). To compensate for its lackluster 1000 attack, Scout has 2800 defense, which is an incredible amount for a level 5 monster, though not the peak considering Millennium Shield exists.

If it wasn’t obvious already, Scout is a Normal Monster, so it has no monster effect; instead, Scout has two Pendulum effects. While it’s active in the Pendulum Zone, Scout will lock you out of Special Summoning anything except for Qli monsters, and it comes with the oddly common restriction of being un-negatable to double down on preventing Scout from being splashed. In this case, it makes sense, because that brings us to Scout’s sole soft once per turn effect, which searches any Qli card by paying 800 Life Points. Without the restriction, you could search Qliphort Monolith and immediately set up a Pendulum Summon, so I guess I get why they were afraid. As for Qlip proper, it’s simple, but effective! Though it hasn’t aged well with more tools than ever to defeat Towers monsters, Qliphort used to be a terrifying archetype (in fact, one of the few actually good Pendulum archetypes of its time) due to being able to summon Qliphort Shell and later Apoqliphort Towers, both monsters that were almost impossible to kill with the decks of the time. Furthermore, because most Qli effects were baked into their backrow or Pendulum effects, they could run Skill Drain with very little consequence, which came with the added bonus of restoring the lost attack points of the higher-level Qliphort monsters. In modern times, like I said, Qliphort has fallen behind significantly due to being overly reliant on floodgate techs and Towers monsters being an unreliable endboard. We can only hope Qliphort gets some help in another Terminal World wave. Regardless, Scout is going to remain one of their bread and butter cards since it’ll get you what you need (unfortunately, you’ll need a lot of things!).

+Straightforward ROTA to grab your stronger Qliphort monsters or backrow
+Unfazed by Skill Drain as a Pendulum Normal monster
-Doesn’t amount to much by itself and needs two card combos for maximum impact
-Special Summon restriction prevents meaningful aid from other EARTH Machine archetypes

Advanced: 3.75/5
Art: 3/5 Most of the Qlis are eldritch horrors in mecha form, so I’m just a tiny bit disappointed by how plain Scout is in comparison. Then again, it is just a scout.

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