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Special Summon 1 “Predaplant” monster from your hand, then add 1 “Predap” card from your Deck to your hand, except “Predapractice”, also for the rest of this turn after this card resolves, you cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck, except Fusion Monsters. You can only activate 1 “Predapractice” per turn.


Date Reviewed: 
December 10, 2019

Rating: 4.17

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Predapractice is the kind of card this archetype needed upon release.

Special Summon effect and RoTA effect for the archetype rolled into one, oh, and it’s cost-free. Every archetype wishes they had a card like this. Doesn’t matter that you’re locked into Fusion Monsters for the rest of the turn, the archetype does that the most. Link Summon before using this and you’ve got even more options. This helps get monsters like Heliamphorhynchus, Banksiogre and Drosophyllum Hydra out of your hand, or is just another way to set up your Fusion Summon by getting another lower level Predaplant on the field. The RoTA will search ANY “Predap” card, netting you a setup or protection for the archetype. Preaplast will add counters onto monsters on the field and be a defensive card in the grave, Predaponics can keep bringing your lower level Predaplant monsters back at a cost, Predaponics is a cost-free Premature Burial, and Predaprime Fusion is your fusion card.

Not much else to say about the card: it is a must for the archetype. If it was for another archetype that was more popular in the meta, it’d be on the banlist in some form.


Art-4/5- Well…that’s nightmare fuel

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

We’ll get back to cards we cannot pronounce later this week and we’ll get to a new Spell for Predaplants in Predapractice.

Predapractice is a Normal Spell that summons a Predaplant from the hand and then searches for any Predap card from the deck. Love how it can summon Orphys Scorpio without wasting your Normal Summon alongside searching for another monster or a Spell/Trap. You got good cards to search in the archetype like the aforementioned Orphys Scorpio, Chlamydosundew, Sarraceniant, Spinodionaea, and the card we saw yesterday in terms of monsters and you got good options like Predaplast, Predaponics, Predaprime Fusion, Predapruning, and tomorrow’s card to search in terms of Spells and Traps. For summoning a monster, it doesn’t really matter which Predaplant you summon, though Orphys Scorpio is the best to summon arguably since it can get Darlingtonia Cobra from the deck to search for a Fusion card. The downside to this card is that after you resolve it, you cannot Special Summon from the Extra Deck for the rest of the turn outside Fusion Monsters. I guess they didn’t want you using this to get into Aromaseraphy Jasmine with great ease, but they at least let you be able to summon it first if you were able to. Predapractice helps get you bodies on board (which you need for some of their Fusions) and searches for whatever might be handy for you to use. It’s a staple 3 of in Predaplants.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Art feels too similar to Predaplast, but I still like it.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Predapractice is a Normal Magic card, and a good one at that.  This is a +1 in advantage for the player, letting you Special Summon a theme Monster (from your Hand) and adding a theme card from your Deck from your Hand.  After resolution, you are prevented from non-Fusion Special Summons, and you can only activate one of these per turn.

There really isn’t a great deal much else to say here.  It’s positive advantage, opens up plays for most anything for whatever you have available in your Hand, and what you fetch support wise from the Deck.  If you could play more than one a turn, it’d be too easy to extend your board full of powerhouses and advantage too quickly, so the restriction makes sense.  Use three in the Deck absolutely.

Rating:  4/5

Art:  5/5  Great use of colors here, very fitting of the theme as well.  Nothing stands out per say in this, but it’s great to look at.

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