Big news has been released from this morning’s Pokemon Direct about Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let’s go over it, shall we?

New Pokemon

From today’s announcements, we have a total of 7 new Pokemon announced today, 2 of which are the box legendary Pokemon.

Here are the legendary Pokemon:


Zacian attacks so gracefully that its movements can even captivate its opponents. It holds what appears to be a sword in its mouth.


Zamazenta’s regal and majestic movements overwhelm any opponents that dare face it. Its body is covered in what seems to be a shield.

Moving onto the new Galar region Pokemon:


Grass Type

Cotton Down / Regenerator 


Grass Type

Cotton Down / Regenerator


Normal Type

Fluffy / Run Away


Flying/Steel Type




Water/Rock Type

Strong Jaw/Shell Armor


New Game Characters Announced

Some new main characters were introduced today as well:


Professor Magnolia

Professor Magnolia




Up first is Milo, a Grass Type Gym Leader. Let’s get it out of the way…this guy is stacked. From the description of his character he specializes in endurance matches so you best be quick to knock out his Pokemon.

Next up is the region’s professor, Professor Magnolia. She will be key to unlocking one of the new features listed below.

Her granddaughter is Sonia who is a young researcher and serves as her assistant. She will be providing you some aid along your new journey.

Sonia’s friend Leon is the current Champion of Galar. He holds the top record of not being beaten yet in Pokemon Battle. 

Finally we have Hop. He is the younger brother of Leon and will be your rival throughout the game. He hopes to be the one to beat his older brother and claim the title of Champion.

What is the Dynamax Phenomenon?

A new way to battle was introduced with the Dynamax phenomenon. This new battle system is only offered in certain locations in the Galar region but allows one of your Pokemon to become super powerful and also become super huge!

In order to use the Dynamaxing feature, you’ll need to obtain a Dynamax Band at some point in the game. Dynamaxing turns all of your Pokemon’s moves into new Max Moves that offer special effects. Look forward to the new feature coming with the release of Sword and Shield.

Wild Area

In addition to all of the normal areas of Galar, you’ll also notice what is known as the Wild Area, which connects towns and cities. These areas are places that you’ll find special Pokemon and items. In these areas you’ll finally be able to pan your view in the game around to help you explore. Pokemon that appear in this area will differ by location, weather and more aspects so each time you visit an area you might see something new.

Raid Battles

Along with the Dynamax Phenomenon and Wild Area, a new Raid Battle system will be introduced to allow multiple trainers to take on wild Dynamax Pokemon and even capture them! Team up with 3 other trainers to take on these colossal Pokemon. To help bring down the Pokemon, one member of your trainer team can use their Dynamax ability to help power up their Pokemon to help you whittle down the wild Dynamaxed Pokemon.

Note though trainers that this system will require you to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online (Nintendo’s Online Subscription service) if wanting to participate with other trainers across the globe. If there aren’t any trainers to participate, AI trainers will join you on your battle.

Rotom is back!

Look for your favorite Pokedex buddy Rotom to join you in the Galar region. Instead of being in a Pokedex however, he and your Pokedex will be part of your phone, called the Rotom Phone.

Rotom, always willing to help you in the game, will now be able to do more. One such aspect is giving a speed boost and water travel abilities to your bike. 

Wrapping Up

The release date has finally been announced: November 15th, 2019

Here are the box arts for the new games:


For those who enjoy getting both, a new Double Pack will be available to order as well:

If you would like to read the in-depth game changes, head on over to the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website. Also, the official YouTube trailer of today’s updates is now up.

Keep checking back with us as we enter the E3 Game Show for more announcements regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield.