Pokemon PEZ
Pokemon PEZ

Alola Pojo!

Have you seen the new Pokémon PEZ? I found my set of Kanto starters for $1.79 each at Five Below; they are also available directly from PEZ:


for the same price and there is also a boxed set of them listed for $10.99. The PEZ in the boxed set are noted as having the Pokémon names on the stem, unlike the individually packed PEZ.

Pokémon Gift Set
Pokémon Pez Gift Set

My homemade JoAnn Fabrics koala blankie in the background should serve as a reminder to all Pojo’s Unofficial Team Komala gamers that Save the Koala month is coming in September! Please visit https://www.savethekoala.com/ to learn more about how you can help save Komala’s wild cousins, which are now tagged as “functionally extinct” in Australia, numbers are in steep decline with 2050 touted as doomsday. We can’t let this happen! Here’s a good article about the koala on the AKF’s site: https://www.savethekoala.com/about-koalas/koala-endangered-or-not . The Australian Koala Foundation has a gift shop where you can find lots of cool koala swag for back to school including hoodies and desk accessories, purchase supports saving koalas. You can also plant memorial trees via their site which help the koalas at Quinlan’s nature preserve. If you don’t have the dough, your support can be as simple as joining The Koala Army and helping send letters via e-mail to government officials so your voice can be heard. The AKF says “No Tree No Me” for the koala; in fact, habitat destruction impacts humanity, too, No Tree No We (climate change, record heat, etc.).

Counting the days until “Detective Pikachu” releases on DVD (August 6!).