Hey Pojo!

Drop your golf clubs, I got news so new, I couldn’t find it with a Google search, a Hallmark website search or an eBay search! The Hallmark clerk tried on her mobile, too, and nothing yet. Pokémon Pikachu is adorable with printed plush, felt tail with printed accents and embroidered facial details. The shop I visited just got these and only a few, the last sold as I checked out. A great birthday find for me along with Bandai Friends Doll Animal Crossing figures of Isabelle and Lolly from GameStop before I hit Hallmark.

I wonder if other Pokémon will follow, with all the effort I’ve put into Squish hunting, not to mention getting the Pokémon First Partner Packs, honestly cannot recall what, if anything, I had heard about Hallmark’s upcoming Itty Bittys. Watch for this electrifying find and don’t forget Hallmark has a Charizard Keepsake Ornament coming around October which I wish listed months ago.