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Pikachu Holiday Ornament
Pikachu Holiday Ornament

Holy Miltank! Lookee what I found at Meijer! Hallmark has their big box store ornaments out and new additions have been making their way onto the racks which started loading some weeks ago. I didn’t see this cute little guy at Walmart (yet?), but Meijer has the Hallmark Pikachu now (Meijer is just resetting holiday aisles, Halloween dominates the seasonal section for the moment). I was surprised to see Hallmark had licensed the Pokémon, as Carlton Cards had the Pokémon license for some time. My ornaments are packed away right now, but I have the Carlton Poké Ball with Pikachu and Gligar, here’s a random e-Bay link if y’all don’t remember what that looks like: I know the Kurt S. Adler company had a Pokémon license since I have their Pikachu holiday stocking and a few of their resin holiday ornaments. It’s always fun to see the Pika surprises as stores set up for the season!

Happy holiday shopping (visit www.savethekoala.com if you want to see some epic Unofficial Team Komala swag, they even have koala holiday ornaments and Santa koala plush!)!