Patissciel Couverture
Patissciel Couverture

Patissciel Couverture – #DIFO-EN083

Pendulum Effect – If you have no card in your other Pendulum Zone: You can place 1 face-up Pendulum Monster from your Extra Deck in your Pendulum Zone. You can only use this effect of “Patissciel Couverture” once per turn.
Monster Effect – 2 Pendulum Monsters – If this card in the Monster Zone is destroyed: You can place this card in your Pendulum Zone.

Date Reviewed:  June 14th, 2022

Rating: 2.67

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Crunch$G Avatar

Next card this week in a set related to Pendulums is the first Pendulum Fusion to be an Instant Fusion target: Patissciel Couverture.

Couverture is a Level 5 Scale 1 DARK Fairy Fusion Pendulum with 1700 ATK and 700 DEF. Stats are kinda meh, but DARK and Fairy are fine. Materials are any 2 Pendulums, so Super Polymerization target against Pendulum strategies. The Pendulum Effect of this card triggers if you have no card in your other Pendulum Zone, letting you place any face-up Pendulum Monster in your Extra Deck to your Pendulum Zone, and this is a hard once per turn. It’s a fine way to complete your scales at least, though I do wish it let you access the Deck to really ensure you get the Scale you want. The Monster Effect on this isn’t much, just going to your Pendulum Zone if it’s destroyed in the Monster Zone, since it has to get there someway. It’s not an insane card, but it isn’t really bad. It’s a Super Polymerization target if you face down a board of some threatening Pendulum Monsters, plus you can Instant Fusion it for Heavymetalfoes Electrum… Beyond the Pendulum. Nothing really wrong with this.

Advanced Rating: 3/5

Art: 5/5 Appreciate the unique style on this we don’t see on other cards.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

(Does so well being on time, misses Monday this week, but it should be up now, I went back and did it!)

A Pendulum/Fusion eh?  There’s something we haven’t seen before.  Level 5, Dark/Fairy (interesting) 1700 atk/700 def for a Level 5 anything, simply put, isn’t good.  The Fusion requirement is any two Pendulum Monsters, which I suppose works for this card, unless you cheat it out with Instant Fusion or something (as it is Level 5 remember).  1 on the Pendulum Scale is fine though.  The card is pretty simple overall.  If destroyed while in the Monster Zone, it moves to the Pendulum Zone.  Nothing not to like about that, it lets you take advantage of the Pendulum side of things.  The Pendulum side is definitely better, as you get a free Pendulum from your Extra Deck to your Pendulum Zone (face-up) so long as another doesn’t already exist there.  It’s a bit of an extender, certainly a combo player, and while it may not be particularly amazing on its own, I suppose it’s a decent option for some things.

Rating:  2.75/5

Art:  4.5/5  This seems very Madolche to me, whether that was intentional or not, but I enjoy this.

Mighty Vee

Compared to yesterday’s oddball card, Patissciel Couverture is a lot more normal, being a level 5 DARK Fusion Fairy Pendulum monster. The fusion materials are any two Pendulum monsters, so decks like Predaplant can make it relatively comfortably (and, hypothetically, you can use Super Polymerization to troll Pendulum decks if you really wanted to). Patissciel has an unremarkable stat spread of 1700 attack and 700 defense, so it’s not beating over anything significant any time soon.

As per usual with Extra Deck Pendulum monsters, you can place it into a Pendulum zone if it’s destroyed while in a monster zone. Having a Pendulum Scale of 1 is nice for most Pendulum decks. The Pendulum effect is a hard once per turn, allowing you to place a face-up Pendulum monster from your Extra Deck to the other Pendulum zone if it’s open. Not much else to say about this card other than being a slow extender for Pendulum decks; the intent of this card is clearly to summon it with Instant Fusion and let it be destroyed to set up plays on your next turn. It does do things, though it’s debatable whether or not you’ll want to dedicate an engine to utilizing it for consistent combos. If nothing else, it’s an Instant Fusion target!

Advanced: 2.25/5

Art: 4/5 Long lost Madolche card?


Hello Pojo Fans,

Patissciel Couverture is a Fusion Pendulum monster (havent seen one in a good bit) that is convenient and simple to use.

Couverture requires two Pendulum monsters as a regular monster, though I’m not sure how much Fusion Summoning you’re doing in a Pendulum Deck, which may be why she is Level 5: Instant Fusion target. Once destroyed she will go to your Pendulum Zone if you so choose, which happens off of Instant Fusion. Pretty easy to see what they intended with her as a monster.

Once it is a Spell, Couverture can complete your scale if you have an incomplete one. Being a scale of 1, you will always have at least a few levels even if you were to place a scale 4 in the other zone. She needs a face-up target in the Extra Deck otherwise her effect is useless. However you are able to use this once per turn, giving you destruction options for effects from your Pendulum monsters only to bring them back to complete the scale.

Couverture is a one-card scale completion card, but not straight-away. You need a few Pendulum monsters in your Extra Deck first before firing her off with Instant Fusion. As a standard Pendulum monster she’d be pretty good, but being a Fusion Monster I’m less inclined to believe she will help.


Until Next Time,


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