Nightmare Throne
Nightmare Throne

Nightmare Throne – #LEDE-EN061

When this card is activated: You can take 1 Fiend monster with 0 ATK/DEF from your Deck, and either add it to your hand or destroy it. Once per turn, if a face-up “Yubel” monster(s) you control leaves the field by card effect: You can add to your hand 1 “Yubel” monster from your Deck, GY, or banishment, whose original Level is 1 higher or lower than 1 of those monsters, then you can Special Summon it, ignoring its Summoning conditions. You can only activate 1 “Nightmare Throne” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  May 7th, 2024

Rating: 4.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Back at it again with the Yubel support with their field Spell: Nightmare Throne.

Searchable with all the Field Spell kind of support you can think of, Nightmare Throne searches you any of your Fiend monsters from the Deck with 0ATK/DEF when activated. Finally some Sacred Beast support…and Yubel, it’s more so for Yubel. Adding to your hand is good, but in Yubel’s case, destroying the card you searched is even better. Yubel has needed an easy effect to destroy it that wouldn’t put the player at a negative to get out it’s other forms, Nightmare Throne does that…if only Terror Incarnate would trigger like Yubel can off the field. In any case, search Yubel and destroy it with this card to summon out Terror Incarnate with ease.

If Yubel leaves the field via a card effect while you have Nightmare Throne active, you can get another Yubel search from anywhere that is one level higher or lower than the Yubel destroyed. If Yubel or Spirit of Yubel get destroyed, search Terror Incarnate. If TI gets destroyed, search another Yubel because Ultimate Nightmare is going to be summoned in the End Phase.

Two good search abilities that should net you advantage and make searching out your Yubel monsters easier. The first effect I’d argue is better, as it is a quick and easy way to search from the Deck and trigger a Yubel effect all in one, especially now that Ultimate Nightmare is more playable with all the new support. Searching out Samsara D Lotus, Gruesome Grave Squirmer, or Geistgrinder Golem, helps out too, but you are likely to search out Yubel with it to get the destruction going.

Advanced- 4/5    Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

We aren’t done with Yubel support yet, as now we get one of their main cards to boost the archetype to a different level: Nightmare Throne.

Nightmare Throne is a Field Spell that on activation can let you take a Fiend with 0 ATK/DEF from the Deck and either add it to your hand or destroy it. It’s a searcher for your main play enablers for Yubel like Dark Beckoning Beast and Samsara D Lotus. You can use it outside Yubel with a bunch of support monsters for Sacred Beasts having 0 ATK and DEF, and also D/D having D/D Savant Kepler. Going back to Yubel, you can also destroy Yubel or Spirit of Yubel in your Deck if you really want in order to trigger their floating abilities to get a Yubel form on field quickly, but I feel searching for a different card can get you that result and then some. Once per turn, if a face-up Yubel monster(s) you control leaves the field by a card effect, you can add a Yubel monster from your Deck, graveyard, or banishment to your hand whose original Level is 1 higher or 1 lower than one of the removed monsters, then you can summon it from the hand, ignoring summoning conditions. Helps a ton in the case your Yubels would miss the timing, ensuring Yubel or Spirit of Yubel guaranteed turn into Yubel – Terror Incarnate. Losing said Terror Incarnate could also technically bring back base Yubel/Spirit as well as its effect summoning The Ultimate Nightmare, that is if you choose to go all the way and run The Ultimate Nightmare. You can only activate 1 of these a turn, which is standard for Field Spells that do something on activation. Nightmare Throne is overall pretty insane for Yubel, searching for nearly the entire support for the archetype minus a few cards, and it can help other Fiend Decks with 0/0 stat monsters. The second effect helps a bit with the recovery as well, which is easy to trigger when your own effects can allow you to use it. It’s a powerful enough card for Yubel that 3 is perfect, especially since technically not mentioning “Yubel” itself means you can’t search it with the recent archetype support.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 5/5 Yubel taking their throne as they should.

Mighty Vee

One of the most anticipated cards of this set, Nightmare Throne continues our coverage; alongside Gruesome Grave Squirmer, it comprises Yubel’s mini-wave of support in Legacy of Destruction. A Field Spell, Nightmare Throne is unfortunately not searchable except with Terraforming, which might be for the better considering what Nightmare Throne does. Nightmare Throne can only be activated once per turn, so for all intents and purposes both of its effects are hard once per turn outside of fringe scenarios. Nightmare Throne’s first effect triggers when it’s activated, letting you either search a Fiend monster with 0 attack and defense or destroy it. The most obvious search target is Samsara D Lotus, as it’s Yubel’s bread and butter combo starter. Once we get Yubel’s new Fusion monster, you can also destroy Spirit of Yubel for an instant omni negate, though that application as a mini-engine has yet to take over OCG. D/D decks can also search their own starter, D/D Savant Kepler, so there’s that for D/D fans as well. Nightmare Throne’s other effect is a soft once per turn (again, might as well be hard once per turn), triggering whenever any of your Yubel monsters leaves the field by card effect, letting you add a Yubel monster that’s one level higher from your deck, Graveyard, or banishment and optionally immediately Special Summon it, ignoring Summoning conditions of course. This effect is why Nightmare Throne is huge for Yubel; after destroying Yubel or Spirit of Yubel with Nightmare Pain or Grave Squirmer, you can effectively cheat out Yubel – Terror Incarnate. Not that Terror Incarnate is good– it’s simply Link and Fusion fodder that you can easily recycle. Nightmare Throne enables a ton of combo lines, and Yubel will only get stronger once we get their new Fusion. The only tragedy is that Nightmare Throne, again, is an unsearchable combo piece, so don’t expect to weave it into combos without doing some bizarre combo lines with something like Ancient Fairy Dragon.

+Provides more copies of Samsara D Lotus 
+Enables extremely powerful combo lines
-Unreliable as a combo piece due to being unsearchable

Advanced: 4.25/5
Art: 3.75/5 Waiting to duel Jaden…

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