Mom’s Kindness (Majestic Dawn MD 83)
Mom’s Kindness (Majestic Dawn MD 83)

Mom’s Kindness
– Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed:
July 4, 2019

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vince avatar

Today’s Throwback Thursday is Mom’s Kindness from Diamond & Pearl Majestic Dawn. I actually liked the art of this card, as it features Dawn looking at the mirror and Johanna putting a Potion in her bag on the picture. That’s the reason why I kept that card for over 8+ years, and I have four copies of it. And there are no other alternate artwork of that same card. I remember seeing this card for the first time around 2010, only to find out that Majestic Dawn came out around 2008, and I fear that it’s too late for me to find those. Fortunately, I did find some in some local hobby stores at the time and bought whatever they have left because this is the only card I sought for (buying singles didn’t cross my mind).

So one looks at the effect. Yes, the effect is atrocious just like Bill, who got errata into a Supporter. But I’m not here to ridicule the card effect, because this card is, perhaps, one that gives a lot of meaning and value. Readers, if you still have your parents, I strongly suggest you spend as much time with them as possible, because there may be a time where you might not see them again. They took care of you to get to where you are today and that’s the kindness it keeps on giving. One of the review crew members had a turn of events that I can’t say here, so this would be a huge wake up call to others if such a thing happens. Nothing lasts forever, so to see that it could happen to anyone can potentially be tragic. People stopped what they’re doing their usual activities and prioritize themselves to take care of their relatives. That’s usually the first sign of such a behavior. Heck, even I would have stopped doing my things and spend time with them.

I don’t feel like rating this card, but to give an insight on life that’s related to today’s card. You’ll almost never encounter a similar card like this, but if you still have it, keep this as a reminder of how we should be grateful for what they’ve done. If you really need to see how viable it is, then I’ll direct you to this link. I could care less how viable this card is, I’m still keeping my four copies (3 regular, 1 Reverse foil).

Otaku Avatar

Mom’s Kindness (DP – Majestic Dawn 83/100) is this week’s throwback, and at a glance, you may indeed be tempted to throw it back.  She is a Supporter that lets you draw two cards.  She doesn’t do anything else, other than remind someone like me that Bill – the iconic “Draw 2 cards.” Trainer was re-released as a Supporter about two years after Mom’s Kindness debuted, dramatically nerfing Bill.  Trainer-based power was more potent in first few years of the game than now, and it is stronger now than during the time of Mom’s Kindness, but even when Mom’s Kindness was new, she was underpowered.

No, there were no special combos for the card, at least of which I am aware.  Know that alternatives from shortly before and after Mom’s Kindness released, just among simple draw Supporters, would include Professor Oak’s Visit (Draw three, bottom deck one card from your hand), Team Galactic’s Mars (Draw 2 cards, discard a random card from your opponent’s hand), and the next set would give us Buck’s Training (Draw 2 cards, do +10 damage that turn).  For a bit more detail, the original review for it a look.  So, why are we revisiting Mom’s Kindness today?

There’s an American English expression, where we say something is “…as American as mom and apple pie.”  Obviously, it isn’t literal given that you kind of need a mother to have ever been conceived and apple pie predates the founding of the USA, but for some reason, the expression still came to be and this review is being posted on the USA’s Independence Day.  In addition, my own mother recently fell ill, giving us quite a scare.  Yes, that is why several of my reviews last week were late, and why many both this week and last are at least relatively short.  Vincent was kind enough to give me anonymity in his own review, but I decided at the last minute to just come out and share this.

I’ll take my cue from him and not bother with scores… which isn’t saying much, given Mom’s Kindness isn’t legal for Standard or Expanded anyway, and you’re not likely to get the chance to use DP – Majestic Dawn packs in a recent Limited Format event.

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