Magical Citadel of Endymion
Magical Citadel of Endymion

Magical Citadel of Endymion
– #SR08-EN024

Each time a Spell Card is activated, place 1 Spell Counter on this card when that Spell resolves. If a card with a Spell Counter(s) is destroyed, place its Spell Counters on this card. Once per turn, if you would activate a card effect by removing a Spell Counter(s) from your field, you can remove that many Spell Counters from this card instead. If this card would be destroyed, you can remove 1 Spell Counter from this card instead.


Date Reviewed: 
May 23, 2019

Rating: 4.25

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Crunch$G Avatar

There were two options for Throwback Thursday, the original Endymion and Magical Citadel of Endymion, and you can clearly see what we went with.

Magical Citadel of Endymion is a Field Spell that gains 1 Spell Counter every time a Spell Card is activated and resolves, which is easy to do as mentioned with Servant of Endymion, and this is a great way for Spell Counter builds to generate and maintain a lot of Spell Counters as this is the least likely to leave the field since you won’t use this to summon anything except for tomorrow’s card, and even that won’t get rid of Magical Citadel unless you wanted it to for some reason. If a card with a Spell Counter(s) is destroyed, then this card gains those counters you would of lost, which is a nice effect to make sure the counters you generate don’t go to waste. Once per turn, if you activate an effect that would remove Spell Counters from your field, you can use this effect to remove them from this card instead. This is an effect you likely won’t use except with cards that can only remove counters from itself to use effects, otherwise you can just remove the counters from this without triggering this effect, but having the option to immediately activate Servant or Magister in the scale and use their effects if this has 3 Spell Counters is nice. That effect is a once per turn likely to prevent you from drawing a ton with Royal Magical Library. The final effect of Citadel is that if this card would be destroyed, you can remove a Spell Counter from it instead, which is worth it when you consider removing a counter to keep this or lose it with all the counters it generated while it was on the field. Magical Citadel is one of the best cards to generate Spell Counters on, so this is worth dedicating a few copies of in heavy Spell Counter reliant decks.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.25/5 I’d love to live in this city.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Throwback Thursday is super appropriate, in Magical Citadel of Endymion.  This card has had one prior review, upon its initial release, back in 2009, hard to believe it was that long ago (Link here).   

This is surreal for the new Structure Deck.  Being able to protect itself from destruction by counters, not having a maximum number of counters it can have, using counters from here for other effects instead of using their own…this is full of combos, and gives more advantage and speed to a Deck that might not even need it.  Arcanite Magician definitely is a good Monster to throw in this build too, being reliant on counters.  Royal Magical Library can be abused with this, there’s just so much new, fun stuff to be done with this card.  Enjoy it

Rating:  4.75/5

Art:  5/5  Kinda strikes me as Tomorrowland, but I really enjoy this artwork

WarlockBlitz's Avatar

Ah the Magical Citadel of Endymion. I remember when this was countered by simply activating your own Field Spell Card. Anyway, it is a Field Spell Card that generates Spell Counters whenever a Spell Card is activated. Whenever it would be destroyed, you can remove 1 Spell Counter from it instead. If anything on the field with Spell Counters is destroyed, you get to move those Spell Counters to Magical Citadel of Endymion instead. I am honestly not sure how this would work if there are two Citadels on the field. Realistically, you just stack a bunch of Spell Counters on this card and use them for the last effect. It is once per turn, but it is absolutely worth it if you use Spell Counter Spellcasters. If there is a cost to remove Spell Counters to activate an effect, you can remove that number of Spell Counters from Magical Citadel of Endymion. This is in addition to effects that simply require you to remove Spell Counters from your field. Since there are more searchers for Endymion cards now, you might not need more than 1 Citadel, but I do think it is worth running. It still looks awesome too. 

Score: 4/5     Art: 5/5

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