Warning: Unbearable Cuteness Ahead!

Who’s that Pokémon?! I want to be the beary best, like no tag ever was! To label them is my true quest, fiber content I’ll disclose!

Piiii…… OK, OK, it’s… STUFFUL!

I’ve been checking GameStop’s website for new Pokémon items a lot more often than usual lately due to Toys ‘R’ Us slowly closing shop. Happily, I discovered GameStop and Target both restocking with some new items–after the last Tomy figure update, I snared a few more new figures as pictured on the back of the Bounsweet/Pikachu pack I’d mentioned in a prior article including Alolan Vulpix with Crabrawler and the amazing Alolan Raichu. This past week, I headed back into GameStop in search of Stufful because… dat tush tag! Old news for people with cable and/or internet, but I have neither so I wasn’t in on the hilarity! Great to see Tomy kept its eye on every detail, sure Stufful has tags, but the little white tag is actually part of the Pokémon which appears to be modeled upon a plush bear. I’m a tiny bit more familiar with Bewear from reading some of Team Rocket’s (mis)adventures in recent Scholastic readers, let’s just say I can’t wait for Viz to roll out Sun/Moon series DVDs and leave it at that!

Stufful Plush

Stufful with Tush Tag!

Last Friday I stopped by one of my local Hot Topic stores to scope out the latest in pop culture and snoop what Pokémon swag was in stock and again, because I don’t have cable or internet (I can’t afford both my Pokémon hobby and those so, Pokémon I choose you!) there was another little surprise for me. I’m typing this in my new pair of We Bare Bears lounge pants so you can guess the rest. Unofficial Team Komala is in luv with Nom Nom, obviously. I picked up a guide/activity book at Barnes & Noble then hit another Hot Topic on Sunday and selected the Ice Bear plush. The plush toys have little magnets on the tummy and back to allow the “brothers” to stack as depicted in the Cartoon Network show. But. Where was Nom Nom? The Gund plush tags say these cuties were imported from Canada. No signs of Nom Nom plush in the US? Gund Tweeted they’d consider my suggestion but in the meantime, as you can see from the photo, I’ve got a most worthy stand-in. The Windmill Toys Beanz Magnet koala fit perfectly on Ice Bear’s back, as if it were made for just this situation! And… purchase supports The Australian Koala Foundation’s koala conservation mission because you can purchase it just as I did via www.savethekoala.com! How epic is that?! The AKF’s gift shop is filled with unbearably cute items and oh—the koala is not, I repeat NOT a bear, it’s a marsupial. You can read all about the koala on their website, I’m sure Komala would give a yawn of approval (and a reminder that “Wild Koala Day” is May 3). BTW, you’ll notice I took my photos on a different blankie backdrop this time: I still have my signature Pikachu blanket I made some years ago with fleece from Wal-Mart; this year I created a koala blanket with fleece from JoAnn fabrics.