Seattle, WA, (June 7th 2019) – Legendary Games announces a crowdfunding project that expands the rules for kingdom building. The project will include expanded hardcover compilation over 400 pages of their Ultimate Line for Pathfinder First Edition and DnD 5th Edition including: Kingdoms, Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate Battle, Ultimate War, Ultimate Factions, Ultimate Relationships, Ultimate Strongholds, Ultimate Ships, Ultimate Commander, and Ultimate Armies.

Ultimate Line for Pathfinder First Edition and DnD 5th Edition
Ultimate Line for Pathfinder First Edition and DnD 5th Edition

Jason Nelson, Publisher, says “heroes find fame and fortune in their adventures, but why just be rich as a king when you can actually BE A KING? Carving out a domain of your own has been a part of the game since the beginning, and Ultimate Kingdoms is an ideal supplement to cover what your character can do when you get home from that epic journey or drag your loot out of the dungeon.”

With the project funding in the first day, fans can now unlock stretch goals for more extended content, new art, and celebrity authors like: Jonathan tweet, Ari Marmell, Chris A. Jackson, Alyssa Faden, Nicolas Logue, Jaym Gates, Ed Greenwood, Robert Schwalb, Sean K Reynolds, Karyn Willow Logan, Stephen Radney-MacFaraland, Owen Stephens, Allen Hammack, Richard Pett, Elisa Teague, and Tim Beach to name a few.

The campaign will end on July 3rd at midnight.

This supplement ties in perfectly with Paizo’s Kingmaker Campaign. “We were excited to see over 2000 backers jump on board for the Kingmaker 10th Anniversary adventure compendium. With nearly a thousand pages of incredible adventure, amazing companions, all-new content, expanded kingdom-building and mass combat rules, you’ll be well on your way to running an epic campaign in Pathfinder 2nd edition. The Ultimate Kingdoms expands your campaign further into Pathfinder or 5E,” said Rachel Ventura, Business Director.

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