Leafeon VSTAR – SS Black Star Promos 195

Date Reviewed:
January 15, 2022

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 3.00
Expanded: 3.00

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For today and tomorrow, I’ll be looking at two Eeveelutions with a new mechanic that will eventually be released near the end of January (and will plan to order one of each if I have the opportunity). And hopefully next month, I’ll be able to find a complete set list of Brillant Stars, which you could consider the expansion to be a revival of Generation IV. That set contains lots of Sinnoh Pokemon such as the Sinnoh starters and Arceus VSTAR! But for now, I’m looking at Leafeon VSTAR!

As you can see, Leafeon VSTAR is an evolved Pokemon, evolving from Leafeon-V just like VMAX Pokemon, so you can evolve either your Leafeon-V from Evolving Skies or even from the recent Leafeon-V promo that comes with today’s card as part of the special collection. It is also gives up two prizes instead of three and possesses a “VSTAR Power”, which is similar to GX attacks such that you can only use one VSTAR Power per game. This seriously limits your options, but they do have powerful effects to make up for it. For something that’s worth two prizes, it has 260 HP, which is pretty good, only short of Wailord-V’s 280 HP, so it’ll be somewhat tough to KO, but not impossible. 

Leaf Guard costs GGC for 180 damage and also takes 30 less damage from your opponent’s attacks, which coupled with its 260 HP, makes your opponent work extra hard to achieve certain KOs with the damage reduction taken into account. As for its VSTAR Power, it has the ability called Ivy Star. And if you’ve already read what it does, then it is of no surprise that this effect is exactly what Boss’s Orders would do, except that this effect comes from an ability, so you can use a different Supporter other than Boss’s Orders. A VSTAR Power effect that powerful is definitely worth your “once per game” restriction. Imagine if you were to use Ivy Star every other turn (and that multiple Leafeon VSTARs in play means multiple uses of Ivy Star in one turn) … Boss’s Orders would be totally obsolete!

Since it evolves from Leafeon-V, you might be wondering which one is a better stepping stone to evolve it to. Leafeon-V from Evolving Skies has the Greening Cells ability, which lets you attach a Grass energy from your deck to 1 of your Pokemon and instantly ends your turn. I guess that helps you ready Leaf Guard on your next turn. Leaf Blade, on the other hand, costs GCC for 90 damage, plus 60 more damage if you flipped heads on a coin flip. As for the other Leafeon-V promo card, it has two attacks. Leaf Guard costs G for 30 damage and takes 30 less damage from your opponent’s attacks. Slashing Strike costs GGC for 180 damage, and you can’t use Slashing Strike on your next turn. No contest: Leafeon-V from Evolving Skies is better than the promo version in every way.

Sadly, I think Leafeon VMAX might not continue to see as much play once Leafeon VSTAR is released. The sheer amount of utility and a better attack overshadows both Grass Knot and Max Leaf, and having 50 more HP than Leafeon VSTAR doesn’t make up for the additional prizes it gives up. But who knows, they may both be used. While Leafeon VSTAR and Leafeon VMAX are separate cards, you can have four of each in your deck, but you cannot have more than four Leafeon-V in your deck, which means there may be conflict as to how many you would run. I’m sure players can decide on their own regarding how many is enough.


Standard: 3/5
Expanded: 3/5

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