Koraidon – ex
Koraidon – ex

Koraidon – ex- Scarlet & Violet

Date Reviewed:  May 8, 2023

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 3
Expanded: 3
Limited: 4

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Before I get to today’s card, I wanted to share some unfortunate news on some mobile app games. I happened to read an article from PokeBeach regarding PTCGO actually going to discontinue for good, June 5 to be exact. I felt it was inevitable because PTCG Live was the successor of the original PTCGO that existed for at least 12 years and it seems like the development team wanted to make the new application have the best experience possible. Fortunately, existing accounts can be migrated to Live, but whatever excess digital copies that I have will be converted in some way or form. So, that means I will no longer have 90 Sylveon-GX (as an example), just 4 of them with the other 86 copies converted into credits, which I guess is not a bad thing; I can use the credits to find other cards. Still sad to see my giant collection being wiped out. Besides Pokemon, Vanguard ZERO also happens to cease function around the same month PTCGO is at, so that’s at least two mobile games being discontinued, and one of them was something I was considering to play on the side. Even after two discontinued apps, the various TCG stuff I physically have will remain intact.

Now that this is over with, we’re looking at Koraidon-ex, which happens to be the counterpart of Miradion. While Miradion-ex solidified itself by being incredibly useful in certain decks, Koraidon-ex also does that to some extent. This is a basic Fighting-type with 230 HP, Psychic Weakness, and a retreat cost of 2. For FFC, Wild Impact does 220 damage, and like Miradion-ex yesterday, it has the same clause of not being able to attack on your next turn. Switching this Pokemon resets that clause, though. It does have an ability; Dino Cry provides energy acceleration by letting you attach up to 2 Basic Fighting Energy cards from your discard pile to your Basic Fighting Pokemon in any way you like. If you do that, however, your turn automatically ends. With this clause, your Pokemon will not be able to attack, which would have been a drawback. It is still a drawback, but you can ease the pain a little bit by doing everything else that you need to do and/or the fact that your Pokemon may not be ready to attack now. This ability’s drawback is also inconsequential if this was your first turn as one of the Turn 1 rules will not allow you to do that anyway.

I was initially leery about this card’s usefulness compared to Miradion-ex. Not even Limitless has anything regarding Koraidon-ex! I guess it may be because Mew VMAX is still right around the corner and it will hit for Weakness. But still, similar to Miradion, Koraidon has the partners to take advantage of Dino Cry, with Great Tusk-ex and Hisuian Arcanine-V (which makes for a great attacker). It may not see as much play as some tournament websites suggest, but Koraidon-ex shall not be underestimated!


Standard: 3/5
Expanded: 3/5
Limited: 4/5

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