Knightmare Mermaid
Knightmare Mermaid

Knightmare Mermaid
– #FLOD-EN043

1 “Knightmare” monster, except “Knightmare Mermaid” If this card is Link Summoned: You can discard 1 card; Special Summon 1 “Knightmare” monster from your Deck, then if this card was co-linked when this effect was activated, you can draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of “Knightmare Mermaid” once per turn. Monsters on the field lose 1000 ATK/DEF, unless they are co-linked.


Date Reviewed: July 9, 2018

Rating: 4.17

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Knightmares continue into next week, starting us off on this Monday with Knightmare Mermaid.

The Link 1 of the archetype, only needing a Knightmare monster, except itself, pretty easy if you’ve already made a Knightmare Link. Down arrow opens up a Main Monster Zone for you to continue your Link Summoning. 1-for-1 to Special Summon a Knightmare from the deck, same draw ability if co-linked. What’s really interesting about Mermaid is the ATK/DEF drop it employs to punish those not co-linked. With all the Knightmare Link Monsters benefiting off of being co-linked, this card can make a huge difference in how the smaller ATK Knightmare Link Monsters handle themselves on the field. The small ATK Goblin and others have suddenly becomes bigger when your opponents monsters get dropped 1000ATK. This card is something you want to deploy when you’ve established your board and have the co-link already live or it comes in place with the summon of Mermaid. The Special Summon ability isn’t really relevant, as it only pertains to the dedicated archetype and not only the Link Monsters.

A Link 1 that can drop monsters ATK/DEF by 1000 is a good monster.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

It seems to begin this week, we are finishing looking at the Knightmare Link Monsters, which I’m glad cause I couldn’t fit the final two into the five day span while also doing a Throwback Thursday. Today, we look at the Knightmare Link that helps facilitate another Link Summon and lock the opponent to only Link Summoning, Knightmare Mermaid.

Mermaid is a Link-1 WATER Fiend with 1000 ATK and an arrow pointing down requiring 1 Knightmare monster that isn’t another Mermaid. 1000 for just one monster is fine, Link-1s that don’t require a strong monster as material are likely gonna be weak. WATER is a good attribute if you are playing Knightmare Mermails, Fiend is a good type. If Mermaid is Link Summoned you can discard a card to Special Summon a Knightmare from the deck and if it is co-linked, you can draw a card. The only Knightmare main deck monster is Iblee, which when used as Link Material can summon itself to the opponent’s field which will lock them out of Special Summoning that isn’t Link Summoning. This is a hard once per turn effect of Mermaid, even though you are likely only playing one Iblee and any negate is likely used before Mermaid hits the field. All monsters lose 1000 ATK unless they are co-linked. Nice debuff on all non-Link monsters, in your Knightmare themed deck, you should have all co-links. Solid card overall, Mermaid is worth playing if you are playing with Knightmares and/or want to get around Iblee.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Not my favorite Knightmare to be honest.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Was it not a logical continuation to finish the Knightmare theme this week?  (Guesses as to the card tomorrow?)  Knightmare Mermaid is very simple, being merely Link 1, requiring a Knightmare Monster, other than herself for a Link Summon, with 1000 attack (Water and Fiend here) and an arrow pointing directly below herself. 

The discard for a plus is still here, in this instance, you discard a card to Special Summon a Knightmare from your Deck, and then you get to Draw if this card is Co-Linked.  It makes the arrow position a little less than desirable, but you could do worse with it, being a diagonal arrow comes to mind.  Naturally and logically, this is a once per turn effect.

The 1000 attack looks troublesome, at least, at a glance, but for the second effect, ALL Monsters on the Field lose 1000 attack unless they are Co-Linked.  The Special Summoning makes here a great asset to the Deck, much as seen last week.  Be sure to keep her Linked, as well as your Knightmares to each other, because you don’t want the attack loss to you, just to your opponent.

Rating:  4.25/5  (Yea, I’m pretty sure that was my score about across the board last week, and with 1000 attack, she’s probably more 4/5, but the attack loss effect, and being just an easy Link 1, she stays in tune with the others).

Art:  4.5/5   

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