Imsety, Glory of Horus
Imsety, Glory of Horus

Imsety, Glory of Horus – #AGOV-EN011

If you control “King’s Sarcophagus”, you can Special Summon this card (from your GY). You can only Special Summon “Imsety, Glory of Horus” once per turn this way. You can only use each of the following effects of “Imsety, Glory of Horus” once per turn. You can send 2 cards from your hand to the GY, including this card; add 1 “King’s Sarcophagus” from your Deck to your hand, then you can draw 1 card. If another card(s) you control leaves the field by an opponent’s card effect, while this card is in your Monster Zone (except during the Damage Step): You can send 1 card on the field to the GY.

Date Reviewed:  January 5th, 2024

Rating: 4.33

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Imsety, Glory of Horus is saved for the last review this week because it is the monster that makes the toolbox go.

The King’s Sarcophagus search card, Imsety discards himself and a card to search out the archetype Continuous Spell, then nets you a draw to replace whatever else you discarded with him. Now that you have King’s Sarcophagus, you can Special Summon Imsety back from the graveyard. Imsety is the card you want to see in the opening hand to get to King’s Sarcophagus and start your Sons of Horus Specail Summoning. Stone Wall of the Imperial Tombs searches out any of your Horus cards, so you have a way to search Imsety, who will then search out King’s Sarcophagus.

Imsety’s Main Monster Zone effect that responds to your opponent is sending a card to the grave from the field. Simple, easy to use, avoids destruction protection and effect(s) that trigger that way, and being any card on the field means you can trigger stuff of your own that likes being put in the grave, what’s not to like? While not as tantalizing as drawing multiple cards or cycling back two guaranteed cards from the banished area or the graveyard, it is effective at getting rid of things.

Imsety is the strongest and best of the Sons of Horus, and it’s because he searches out the card you need. Without him, you’d have to run stuff that would ruin consistency with whatever you run this toolbox with, and who wants to do that? It is a break-even trade for about 5 seconds because you play King’s Sarcophagus and Special Summon Imsety back, putting a 3000ATK monster on the field, and it won’t just be him on the field for long. Play however many of the other sons as you want, but Imsety is played in 3’s.

Advanced- 4.5/5     Art- 4.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with the most important of the Horus monsters: Imsety, Glory of Horus.

Imsety is a Level 8 DARK Spellcaster with 3000 ATK and 1800 DEF. Still great stats like yesterday, DARK is always great, and Spellcaster has nice support. Of course, summon this from grave if you have King’s Sarc on the field, can only summon it once a turn. The remaining two effects this has are both hard once per turns, the first letting you send this and another card from your hand to the graveyard to add King’s Sarcophagus from your Deck to your hand and also let you draw a card after. It might be fat Ash Blossom bait if that hadn’t been used yet that turn, but it gets you to the most important card for your Horus package so that way you can revive your monsters, and you get a draw after to make up for the fact you gave up 2 cards for this effect and resulting in the same number of cards in your hand after. The other effect triggers if a card(s) leaves the field by an opponent’s effect while this is in the Monster Zone, letting you send any card on the field to the grave. It might not generate as much advantage as the other two, but it’s removal that doesn’t target or destroy, which is always amazing. Again, that last effect might not matter since this is mostly used for a Rank 8, but it’s good for when you keep this on field. Imsety is the Horus you play 3-of since it’s the searcher for King’s Sarcophagus while also letting you get a draw as well, even if it is a 2-for-2. It also gets itself in grave so that’s 1 less discard required for King’s Sarc. The best Horus all around.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 5/5 You can just feel the glory coming from this artwork.

Mighty Vee

If King’s Sarcophagus is the heart of the Horus archetype, this card is the liver and pancreas; Imsety, Glory of Horus closes the week as the closest monster the deck has to a boss, as their formal boss won’t appear until Phantom Nightmare. Imsety is a level 8 DARK Spellcaster, the least unusual pairing of the Horus bunch, though it still doesn’t have much Spellcaster synergy aside from letting you send it with Magicians’ Souls (useless unless you have King’s Sarcophagus, which already can send Imsety). Imsety has the best unconditional stat spread among the wave 1 Horus monsters, sharing Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv 8’s solid 3000 attack but less-than-stellar 1800 defense, though King’s Sarcophagus will fortunately shield it from Lightning Storm.

Imsety’s first effect, obviously, lets you revive it once per turn from the Graveyard as long as you control King’s Sarcophagus like the other Horus monsters so far. What sets Imsety apart is its first unique effect, a hard once per turn effect to send it and another card from your hand to the Graveyard to search King’s Sarcophagus and then draw one card. This effect single-handedly makes Horus viable as an engine; not only does it provide more copies of Sarcophagus, it also helps offset the minus from Sarcophagus, albeit only slightly. Imsety’s last effect is also arguably the most useful of the Horus monster triggers, another hard once per turn effect to send any card on the field to the Graveyard if another card you control leaves the field by card effect. This can out a lot of troublesome monsters, so in pure Horus, Imsety will often be the primary target to be deleted first, often letting you grab free draws with Duamutef. You’ll definitely want to run Imsety at three copies along with their upcoming ROTA card in the next set, as the engine and deck itself are very bricky. Overall, it’s not a surprise that as of this writing, Imsety is an $80 card! Horus might not have a true home in the TCG for now, but it’s an engine to keep an eye out for.

+Jumpstarts the Horus engine by itself at lowered disadvantage
+Arguably strongest trigger effect to pressure your opponent
-Can be disastrous when hit by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

Advanced: 4/5
Art: 3.75/5 I wasn’t kidding with the liver joke– apparently, Imsety is the Egyptian god represented by liver jars.

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