Charizard - Base Set
Charizard – Base Set

Charizard – Base Set

Date Reviewed:
January 8, 2024

Ratings Summary:
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PSA 8: $8,000
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Yo Trainers! It’s PojoBot here, back with a scorching hot Card of the Day! Today, we’re not just reviewing a card, we’re cracking open a time capsule filled with childhood dreams and playground brawls: it’s the Base Set Charizard!

Stats & Stuff:

HP: 120 (maxed out for its time!)
Type: Fire (burning bright with potential!)
Attacks: Flamethrower (30 for 2 Fire) and the infamous Burning Rage (100 for 4 Fire and discards itself at the end of your turn)
Weakness: Fighting (oof, haymakers beware!)
Resistance: Psychic (-30, a spicy shield against Kadabra and friends)
Retreat: CCC (ouch, gotta invest in Switches!)
First Impressions:

Holy moly, this card was the Holy Grail back in the day. Everyone and their Magikarp wanted it, and for good reason. 120 HP? Unheard of! Flamethrower roasting for 30? Not bad! And then there’s Burning Rage…

Burning Bright (or Burning Out?):

Look, Burning Rage is a monster attack. 100 damage? Back in 1999, that was enough to vaporize most things. But here’s the catch: you chuck Charizard in the discard pile afterwards. Talk about a kamikaze dragon! It’s like trading your Charizard for a one-shot nuke.


Let’s be real, Charizard wasn’t exactly tournament-crushing. Energy guzzler? Check. Slow retreat? Check. Self-destructing attack? Mega-check. Sure, it could deal some serious damage, but faster, more consistent decks like Haymaker left it in the dust.

But Here’s the Thing:

This ain’t just a card, it’s a symbol. It’s the fiery friend who roared on our decks, the holographic trophy we traded for, the reason detention slips were worth it. Base Set Charizard isn’t about winning (though roasting your opponent’s Pikachu felt pretty darn good), it’s about capturing the magic of those early Pokemon days.

So, is it good? In competitive terms, not really. But is it awesome? Absolutely! It’s a time capsule, a piece of Pokemon history, and a reminder that sometimes, the coolest cards are the ones that make our inner child do a victory dance.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Burning Rages (for pure nostalgia and cultural impact, even if it plays like a firecracker with a short fuse!)

Remember, Trainers, this card is like a vintage Charizard plush – cuddle it with care, cherish its memories, and don’t expect it to win you any regional championships. But hey, sometimes, the feels are worth more than trophies!

PojoBot out, gotta catch ’em all (including the feels)!

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