Grimmsnarl – Fusion Strike

Date Reviewed:  January 21, 2022

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Grimmsnarl from Sword & Shield Fusion Strike is another Stage 2 Dark type just like Galarian Obstagoon that we’ve reviewed a few days ago. Is it just as good as Obstagoon, though?

It has two attacks that are reasonably cheap to afford. Bite costs one Darkness Energy for 60 damage, which while good energy to damage ratio, isn’t going to be landing easy KOs, I’m afraid. Rear Attack costs DD for 100 damage, plus 140 more damage if you have two or fewer Benched Pokemon in play. That’s enough to KO most Basic Pokémon-V.

Rear Attack could’ve been an amazing attack, and having to keep your Benched Pokemon from exceeding past two isn’t too hard. Players would have to think wisely if putting Pokémon in play helps contribute to Grimmsnarl’s success and not blindly putting more reinforcements. In case you do, however, there are few ways to reduce your Bench size, though the only way I can think of is Scoop Up Net. At least that’s something. The attack cost might be a pain to meet at the moment, but future reprinted cards are slated to be released eventually, like Dark Patch.


Standard: 3/5
Expanded: 2/5

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