Gravekeeper's Inscription
Gravekeeper’s Inscription

Gravekeeper’s Inscription – #PHHY-EN000

At the start of your Main Phase 1: Apply 1 of the following effects until the end of your opponent’s turn.
●Neither player can activate card effects in the GY.
●Neither player can banish cards from the GY.
●Neither player can Special Summon monsters from the GYs.

Date Reviewed:  March 20th, 2023

Rating: 3.00

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Crunch$G Avatar

We’re finally at Photon Hypernova looking at some of the best cards to start, and the first card probably would of been better before Tearlaments were booted from the meta, but it can still find a niche: Gravekeeper’s Inscription.

Gravekeeper’s Inscritpion is a Normal Spell you can only activate at the start of the Main Phase 1, so basically already has a hard once per turn on it, where you can choose from three effects to apply until the end of the opponent’s turn. You can either prevent both players from activating effects in the graveyard, banishing cards from the graveyard, or Special Summoning monnsters from the graveyard. So instantly it’s great against graveyard strategies, and the effects you choose from depend on what the opponent would do with their graveyard. Against Tearlaments, you were likely going to prevent effects from the graveyard from being used, which basically prevents them from playing. Against Tri-Brigade, you might prevent banishing so they can’t summon their Links off the Tri-Brigade effects. The third effect to prevent revival will do well against anything with multiple Monster Reborn-like effects. The card is only good in formats with graveyard-reliant Decks roaming around, similar to Necrovalley. This card does has its ups and downs compared to Necrovalley, like this not being immune to removal, but Necrovalley lasting longer and covering more ground. You got to use it at the start of the Main Phase, preventing you from making your graveyard plays and then preventing the opponent from doing the same. Gravekeeper’s Inscription will likely one day find a good time to see use again, since it was released right after a good option for it to counter, but overall it’s still a decent card.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 I expected the Necrovalley tombs to be a bit more dangerous, to be honest.

Mighty Vee

Leaving Amazing Defenders behind us, we finally get into the next major expansion, Photon Hypernova (will we catch up before Cyberstorm Access launches?), and this week we’ll start by covering one-off cards. Gravekeeper’s Inscription is the first card up, a Normal Spell that was part of a promotional pack in the OCG, being imported as part of Photon Hypernova’s pack filler. Though it is a part of the Gravekeeper archetype, it ironically cannot be searched, so for all intents and purposes it’s a generic one-off card. Inscription can only be activated at the start of your Main Phase 1, so already it’s pretty limited in its activation window, and it conflicts with Pot of Extravagance or Piri Reis Map if you run those. You pick one of three effects to apply, either preventing both players from activating Graveyard effects, preventing both players from banishing from the Graveyard, or preventing both players from Special Summoning from the Graveyard, until the end of your opponent’s turn. Essentially, Inscription is a weaker but temporary Necrovalley (which, ironically, is far more searchable and accessible). You basically want to play this in decks that can do their initial combos without the Graveyard, but still want to use their Graveyard on your next turn onwards, which is a very niche scenario. The only deck that comes to mind for me is S-Force, and they’re not exactly the strongest of decks in the first place. Only being able to pick one effect is also a bummer, though in Inscription’s defense, all three almost always go hand-in-hand in Graveyard effects; the first effect is probably the most versatile if you had to pick one at random. It’s so clunky that you’re probably better off running Necrovalley itself, or just not running it at all if it hurts your own deck that much. 

Advanced: 2.5/5

Art: 3/5 Nobleman cameo keeps it from being too boring, at least.

KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

We’ve got an assortment of cards this week to look at, starting off with support for an archetype we haven’t reviewed in a while, Gravekeepers.

Gravekeeper’s Inscription is a Normal Spell with a lot of options during your Main Phase 1. Only being able to play a card during a certain Main Phase does make it an all-or-nothing, though it’s been a while since we’ve seen a dominant one like Cold Wave. Anyways, Inscription has to be the first card in your Main Phase 1 or you can’t play it. When you do, you’ve got a few effects to choose from, but only one. The effect lasts until the end of your opponent’s turn, which is great, usually it is until the end of the current turn. In short, Inscription is a Normal Spell Necrovalley. Neither player is either banishing from the grave, Special Summoning from the grave, or activating card effects in the grave until the end of the opponent’s turn. This is gold for Gravekeepers. Necrovalley is so critical to their strategy, as well as a card that once destroyed a players chances: Royal Tribute. There haven’t been successors to Necrovalley for the archetype, but in the form of a Normal Spell that can’t be destroyed on the field prevents losing out on its advantage. While it doesn’t blanket-cover the graveyard, you will be able to choose which works best for you for that turn and lock your opponent out from taking advantage while you attempt to get to your true Necrovalley. It may not give the 500 ATK/DEF boost like Necrovalley, but as a Normal Spell that lasts only one turn each it wasn’t likely to have that.

Many archetypes need the graveyard for one specific purpose, and while it is only for a turn, Gravekeeper’s Inscription will halt them from doing so. This is also a great Side Deck card because it does not require you to have Gravekeeper cards on the field or in the grave. Gravekeepers get a great Normal Spell to help increase their Necrovalley dominance over the field while the rest of the game get a card that they can use as well.



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