Grandsoil the Elemental Lord
Grandsoil the Elemental Lord

Grandsoil the Elemental Lord
– #REDU-EN038

Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by having exactly 5 EARTH monsters in your Graveyard, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When this card is Special Summoned: You can target 1 monster in either player’s Graveyard; Special Summon that target to your side of the field. If this card leaves the field, skip the Battle Phase of your next turn.

Date Reviewed: January 8, 2018

Rating: 4.0

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Good Morning! Grandsoil the Elemental Lord is the first for the week of Elemental Lords. It’s a Level 8 Earth Beast-Warrior type monster with 2800 Atk and 2000 Def. Unfortunately, it can’t be Normal Summoned or Set. It can only be Special Summoned from your hand by having exactly 5 Earth monsters in the grave. Other monsters have similar restrictions, but at least Kristya can be Special Summoned by other means as well. In any case, the effect is great. As soon as Grandsoil is Special Summoned, you get to Monster Reborn any monster from either graveyard. Supposedly, this effect will become once per turn in the future and is banned now because it’s not once per turn yet. Monster Reborn has come on and off the list because it’s awesome and too awesome for Konami. The effect had the potential to break the game and cause loops. They thought the balance of all these Elemental Lords was to skip the Battle Phase after it leaves the field. I’m looking forward to how Elemental Lords will fair when their support comes out. Until then it should get a banned/5 score. But it’s a new year. Let’s give some love to Mother Earth.

Score: 4/5     Art: 4/5


Second week in 2018 and I already got to choose a theme for a week. I know the Elemental Lord support is a few months off, but I really wanted to take a look back on these guys because I don’t know if I will get another chance between now in then. For a short summary, the Elementsaber monsters are meant to support Elemental Lords and they are based on loading the GY with other Elementsaber monsters to get effects because they can change their attributes while in the GY. Now with that out of the way, we will look at the first Elemental Lord, and currently the only Forbidden one despite an errata for it likely on its way, Grandsoil the Elemental Lord.

Grandsoil is a Level 8 Earth Beast-Warrior with 2800 ATK and 2200 DEF. Stats are good, the Attribute is meant to match the Attribute the Elemental Lords were first meant to work with. Beast-Warrior isn’t noteworthy on a Level 8 sadly. Grandsoil can only be summoned when you have exactly 5 Earth Monsters in the GY. I don’t like how it has to be exact, but I guess it makes the Lords more balanced like how they tried to do with Dark Armed Dragon back in the day. When Special Summoned, Grandsoil is basically a Monster Reborn. All of the Elemental Lords have effects matching very powerful cards in the games history, all of which are hard once per turns for each Elemental Lord, excluding this one for some reason. They should of known players were going to bounce this back to keep reviving monsters, which is why there were many FTKs to do with this card. Thankfully OCG let this one finally match the others and gave Grandsoil the hard once per turn clause. Still, though, a Monster Reborn is great, especially considering how much I love Monster Reborn as a card and wish for it to return every day, so Earth decks get a nice revival option if they can control the GY well enough. I remember Grandsoil Psychics being a thing back in 2012, that sounds like a ton of fun. Also, all Elemental Lords have the effect where if they leave the field you lose the Battle Phase next turn, so I will dub that the Elemental Lord clause. Losing the Battle Phase sucks as battling is the best way of winning, but losing one Battle Phase isn’t too bad if you can build and maintain a strong board. Grandsoil is one of the better Elemental Lords, even with the errata in mind. Solid if your Earth deck can control the GY.

I will keep the Elementsaber support in mind for the grades, but won’t mention them too much because they are pretty far off.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

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