Glaceon VSTAR
Glaceon VSTAR Promo

Glaceon VSTAR – SS Black Star Promos 197

Date Reviewed:
January 16, 2022

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 1.50
Expanded: 1.50

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Following up from yesterday, we have Glaceon VSTAR to look at.

Glaceon VSTAR has two attacks and they both costs WWC. While one of them can be repeatedly used, the other attack is labeled as a VSTAR Power, which can be used only once per game. Icicle Shot does 180 damage and your opponent’s Active Pokemon cannot retreat during their next turn. Crystal Star does 220 damage and protects itself from damage and effects from your opponent’s Pokemon on their next turn. While not as powerful as Leafeon’s VSTAR Power (as it can use both the Ivy Star ability AND attack with Leaf Guard), at least Glaceon VSTAR can stick around for one more turn to use Icicle Shot.

Just like Leafeon VSTAR, Glaceon VSTAR can evolve from any of the Glaceon-V cards, and there are two Glaceon-V cards. The promo version has two attacks. Frost Charge costs W and lets you search your deck for a Water energy and attach it to this Pokemon. Freezing Wind costs WWC for 130 damage. The Evolving Skies version also has two attacks. Frozen Awakening costs W and lets you search your deck for a card that evolves from this Pokemon. In this case, it could either be Glaceon VMAX or Glaceon VSTAR. Heavy Snow costs WCC for 120 and also discards a Stadium card in play.

Glaceon VMAX has an ability and an attack. It’s Crystal Veil ability states that it prevents all damage done to this Pokemon from your opponent’s Pokemon VMAX (except Glaceon VMAX, so opposing Glaceon VMAX can still damage yours). Max Icicle costs WCC for 150 damage and also does 30 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. Deck space is tight as you can only have four Glaceon-V in your deck, despite being able to put four of each Glaceon VMAX and Glaceon VSTAR. I suppose it depend on what you’re up against. If there’s a lot of VMAX decks lurking around, then Glaceon VMAX would be a surefire check against them. Glaceon VSTAR deals more damage than Glaceon VMAX in regard to the Defending Pokemon. While Glaceon VMAX’s extra bench damage might be useful, the upcoming Brillant Stars expansion contains Manaphy with a near-identical ability of Bench Barrier, rendering Bench damage useless.

Unlike Leafeon VSTAR yesterday, Glaceon VSTAR doesn’t seem to have as much utility to be worth being played, at least for now. Who knows when players eventually made it work?


Standard: 1.5/5
Expanded: 1.5/5

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