Gishki Aquamirror
Gishki Aquamirror

Gishki Aquamirror – #OP21-EN017

This card can be used to Ritual Summon any “Gishki” Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels exactly equal the Level of the Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon. You can shuffle this card from the GY into the Deck, then target 1 “Gishki” Ritual Monster in your GY; add it to your hand.

Date Reviewed:  April 13th, 2023

Rating: 3.63

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Gishki Aquamirror is our Throwback Thursday choice for the Gishkis.

One of a few Ritual Spells that they have now, this one, requires the exact number of the Ritual Monster’s Levels that you are summoning, bummer. Hand and field options for tributing are good. This one has no drawback like the newer ones. Instead, Aquamirror can shuffle itself back into the Deck as well as add a Gishki Ritual Monster from the grave to the hand: cost-free +2. While you may not have Aquamirror in your hand off the grave effect, I consider this a +2 because it is cycling itself back to you without you having to do anything or pay any costs. Aquamirror has that fail-safe option to get back what you used to summon originally with itself, or is a soft extender with how many other Ritual Spells Gishki have.

While the drawbacks can be dealt with involving the new Ritual Spells for Gishki, it is refreshing to know that the older of the Ritual Spells can still be useful for the archetype.



Until Next Time


Mighty Vee

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the strongest of them all? Gishki Aquamirror is the premiere Ritual Spell of the Gishki archetype, and is today’s Throwback Thursday. Much like the Gishki and Nekroz family’s other Ritual Spells, it can Ritual Summon a Gishki Ritual monster, but it requires exact tributes from your hand or field; but again, this isn’t a huge issue since monsters like Gishki Vision and Gishki Shadow will provide the entire tribute by themselves. Aquamirror’s other effect is its unique quirk, letting you shuffle it into the deck from the Graveyard to recycle a Gishki Ritual monster back to your hand. Importantly, Aquamirror isn’t once per turn, so other than being one of your main Ritual Spells, it’s used with Gishki Photomirror to repeatedly summon and recycle Evgishki Gustkraken and shuffle away your opponent’s entire hand. While a vicious strategy, it thankfully hasn’t aged well with the advent of hand traps. Nowadays, Gishki has a more orthodox and fair playstyle, but Aquamirror’s still an important Ritual Spell to run, especially in longer games where you’ll want to recycle your Ritual monsters.

Advanced: 3.75/5

Art: 3/5 That’s a mirror alright…

Crunch$G Avatar

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