Get Marshadow and Charizard for Pokemon Sun and Moon


Hello Pokemon Fans! FlareStorm99 here with an update on how you can now get Marshadow and Charizard for your Pokemon Sun and Moon Games.


You can obtain Marshadow by stopping by your local GameStop from October 9th-23rd and picking up the code card. There is no purchase required (although their staff will probably ask if you want to pre-order anything). Marshadow comes in at Level 50 and has the following move-set:

Spectral Thief

Close Combat

Force Palm

Shadow Ball

It also comes with it’s own Z-Crystal, Marshadium Z, allowing it to use the Z-Move Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike. Pick it up while you can and transfer it to the new games coming out in November, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


Everyone loves Charizard, right? Well, if you’re one of those people, you can now get your own Charizard. Head to your local Target store and go to the video game section October 1st-14th and ask for the code card. Charizard comes in at Level 50 and has the following move-set:

Dragon Dance

Flare Blitz



Charizard also comes with the item Red Card, which comes in handy. If an opposing Pokemon attacks your Pokemon that has Red Card held and doesn’t knock it out, it forces that Pokemon to switch with another Pokemon on that Trainer’s team. Pick your’s up today!