Gagagaga Magician
Gagagaga Magician

Gagagaga Magician
– #LED6-EN034

2 Level 4 monsters
You can detach 1 material from this card, then target 1 Xyz Monster in your GY, except “Gagagaga Magician”; Special Summon it, but negate its effects. You can only use this effect of “Gagagaga Magician” once per turn. A “Utopic Future” Xyz Monster that has this card as material gains this effect.
● During your Main Phase: You can detach 2 materials from this card, then target 1 Xyz Monster you control; until the end of this turn, change its ATK to 4000, also negate its effects.

Date Reviewed: 
April 10th, 2020

Rating: 2.87

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Gagagaga Magician finishes up the week and is the Xyz successor to the original Gagaga Magician.

Rank 4, easy in the archetype to make, easy to make outside the archetype. 1-for-1 to get a vanilla Xyz from your graveyard is more than fair, considering you could have an Acid Golem that can attack and not cost you damage. Gagaga Magician’s real goal is to get a Utopic Future onto the field. With the ability to spam Xyz monsters once more in the game, this won’t be hard. With Gagaga Magician as a material though, Utopic Future can be a beatstick at 4000ATK and deal out damage instead of its original effects. While those effects were useful at times, raw damage is sometimes preferred. In my opinion, the Utopic Future parts are irrelevant for this card to be good. Good stats on a Rank 4 that gets you another monster which gives you more attack power and presence on the field, let alone being able to link them away for a Link Summon.

Great monster within the archetype, great Xyz outside the archetype now with Master Rule 5.

Advanced-3/5- There are better Rank 4 monsters, but if you Xyz Summon a lot, this may be one to sneak in.


Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Time to end the week with the laziest name I’ve ever seen, Gagagaga Magician. They literally just added a “ga”.

Gagagaga Magician is a Rank 4 DARK Spellcaster Xyz with 2000 ATK and DEF. Both ATK and DEF is a little on the low side, but not bad, and you got DARK Spellcaster to boot with that support. The summoning requirements are any 2 Level 4s, which again any Deck running Level 4s can probably just spit out. You can detach a material from this card to target an Xyz in your graveyard that isn’t Gagagaga Magician and Special Summon it with its effects negated. It helps summon the Utopic Future monsters, which the second effect will reference that you really want to do. Just remember Utopic Future monsters won’t let you use Numbers as material, so hope you got Rank 4s that aren’t Utopia. Revival of a body is fine, especially to negate Utopia’s downside when it has no materials, because whatever comes back will have no Xyz Materials. This effect is a hard once per turn, but that isn’t a real issue. The second effect is that if a Utopic Future monster has this as material, it gains the effect during your Main Phase to detach 2 materials from it to target an Xyz you control to negate its effects and have its ATK become 4000 for the turn. Not the most impressive effect, and you don’t want to use it on Utopic Future really because of its monster stealing effect, and not on the upcoming Utopic Future Dragon because that card is monster negation that steals the monster. I’m sure you can use this with Xyz Monsters that used up their materials or their effects for the turn to make them more respectable beaters. Gagagaga Magician is fine, but not too impressive. Rank 4 Spam is easy now with Master Rule 2020, so it isn’t too necessary unless you want to summon more Utopic Futures. I wouldn’t fault you for skipping this card, nor would I fault you for playing it.

Advanced Rating: 2.75/5

Art: 4/5 It’s an alternate art Gagaga Magician really, which is fine. Not expecting too much when all he did was gain a “ga” in his name.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Gagagaga Magician closes our week of absurdly named Monsters.  Dark/Spellcaster, generic Rank 4 here, with 2000 attack and defense.  Spellcaster is a great thing, as is Dark, and 2000 attack and defense is meh.  Detaching a Material from this card lets you Special Summon an XYZ Monster from your Graveyard, although its effect(s) is(are) negated.  

This I like.  A lot, actually.  The fact you aren’t locked into Rank 4 here, as I assume you would given this card IS Rank 4, is really cool, and can help open up some bigger XYZ and Extra Deck plays for you.  Since that’s likely what’s happening, losing whatever effect(s) said Monster had shouldn’t matter at all.  And, as briefly touched on yesterday, you are rewarded an additional effect if you use this for a ‘Utopia Future’ XYZ Summon.

During your Main Phase, by detaching two Materials from this card, lets you Target an XYZ Monster you control and make it have 4000 attack until the End Phase.  We’ve seen that on Utopia variants already too, While making a Monster have 4000 attack isn’t anything to sneeze at, a Monster alone with a tremendous attack isn’t what it use to be.  This card is more likely to be used for its first effect, but could be a nice Utopia play.

Rating:  2.75/5  Somehow, Utopia is better than this (yesterday that is)

Art:  4/5  It’s a slight improvement over Gagaga Magician


This card is a bit of a mess. It’s a member of an archetype that it doesn’t support, but it supports a specific subset of a different archetype that has some support built into its own archetype.

This card really does have some good usability, but it’s slow. It works best in rank up decks like Raidraptor, Galaxy/Photon and Utopia. It is slow, but I would play one in any of the above decks because it is summoned easily enough. It could be a second chance after your ace play fizzles.

I like the design of this card. It has a lot of implied motion, and it looks like it was inspired by Tai-Chi. The naming is simple and uninspired, but it made me laugh. I missed this card, and even searching for it on Google brings up it’s predecessor. Somehow, that makes it better in my opinion.

Versatility – 3
– It fits into a few Extra Decks.

Rogue Plays – 3
– There needs to be set-up for all of its best plays.

Art – 5
– It improves everything its predecessor was lacking.

Balance – 3
– It isn’t over powered, and it requires a lot of set-up.

Uniqueness – 4
– It does something that’s been done before, but the attack boosting effect feels fun.

I’ll give this card a 3/5. Gagaga Magician STILL needs more pauldrons.

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