Fossil Warrior Skull Knight
Fossil Warrior Skull Knight

Fossil Warrior Skull Knight
– #BLAR-EN007

1 Rock monster + 1 Level 5 or 6 monster
Must first be Special Summoned with “Fossil Fusion”. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage. When this attacking card destroys a monster by battle: You can activate this effect; this card can make a second attack in a row. You can banish this card from your GY, then target 1 monster on the field; destroy it. You can only use this effect of “Fossil Warrior Skull Knight” once per turn.

Date Reviewed: 
September 16th, 2020


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Crunch$G Avatar

We finally get to the Fusions and this one might be familiar if you’re playing with Dogmatika right now: Fossil Warrior Skull Knight.

Skull Knight is a Level 6 EARTH Rock Fusion with 2400 ATK and 1100 DEF. Fine stats on Level 6, EARTH and Rock are nice as well. The summoning requirements are any Rock and any Level 5 or 6 monster. This one might be harder to summon considering your more limited to what Level the other Fusion Material has to be vs the others using Level 4 or lower and Level 7 or higher, but I’m sure it’s summonable and you can provide your own Level 5/6 monster. At least they went with the Tag Force summoning requirement instead of making you need the monster to be a Warrior like in the anime. It must be summoned with Fossil Fusion, which is fine and Time Stream does count as Fossil Fusion to summon this as well. It does piercing, which is solid on this ATK stat. When this attacking monster destroys a monster in battle, you can activate the effect to make this attack again in a row, which I’m glad they didn’t make it to where you need to attack another monster so you can get some guaranteed damage. Finally if this card is in the graveyard, you can banish it to pop a monster on field. This is the effect probably familiar with Dogmatika to put this in grave with Maximus for a future pop when you need it, but it’s nice here no matter how you play it. The pop is the only once per turn effect, which is perfectly fine since I doubt you’ll load multiples of this in grave with that much ease and I don’t know if you’d play multiples just to dump with limited Extra Deck space. It’s a solid Fusion for the Fossil archetype, though Dogmatika are likely using this more.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 5/5 They did a good job toning up the Fossil artworks to make them look less like they drew it without adding the details.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Fossil Warrior Skull Knight is a Level 6, Earth/Rock Fusion Monster, with 2400 attack and 1100 defense.  The Fusion requirements are vaguely open, requiring any 1 Rock Monster, and any Level 5 or 6 Monster.  It must first be Fusion Summoned with Fossil Fusion, which isn’t a BAD thing.  It fits the theme, and it’s not the only way it has to come out.  Being able to be revived after however you need is helpful and adds to the playability of the card.

Piercing damage is good, and it’s even better when if this card destroys a Monster, it can attack a second time in a row, vis a vis BLS-EotB.  Note that second attack, while it must be immediately following the first, doesn’t have to be on a Monster.  So if the Field is open, you can go straight for the opponent’s Lifepoints.  I like that effect, and I like it being open-ended like that as well.  Lastly, removing this card from your Graveyard from play lets you Target and destroy one Monster on the Field.

Any Monster, and there’s plenty of times destroying a card of your own can help you, so it’s fun that you can take out one of your own, if you so choose.  Pretty nice Fusion here.  Easy to bring out, trample, even destruction trade from being removed, and potential second attacks.  Not much here not to like.  2400 attack is solid without this card being overpowered.

Rating:  4/5

Art:  5/5  As advertised, but he looks rather sinister, and I like it a LOT

KoL's Avatar
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