Fluffal Dolphin
Fluffal Dolphin

Fluffal Dolphin
– #ROTD-EN021

You can target 1 “Toy Vendor” in your GY; Set it, and if you do, send 1 “Fluffal” monster or 1 “Edge Imp Sabres” from your Deck to the GY. If this card is sent to the GY as Fusion Material for a Fusion Summon: You can shuffle into the Deck, 1 of your “Fusion” Spells or “Polymerization” Spells that is banished or in your GY. You can only use each effect of “Fluffal Dolphin” once per turn.

Date Reviewed: 
October 26th, 2020


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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

On this Halloween week we are starting with Fluffal Dolphin as part of our look at the Frightfur archetype.

Good stats as a regular monster, capable of attacking and doing respectable damage for a Level 4. Recovering Toy Vendor after use and getting a Foolish Burial in one effect sets up at least a Link 2 off Edge Imp Sabres doing its best Plaguespreader Zombie impression. Regarding sending a Fluffal to the graveyard, only Fluffal Wings does something when sent to the grave like this, and it needs Toy Vendor on the field. It won’t be face-up when Wings get sent to the grave. Regardless, if you have a resurrection card for a monster you can send any Fluffal to the grave with Dolphin and reborn it to gain its effect(s). Toy Vendor can end up being a negative 1, but it is key to the archetype. You have to Fusion Summon using Dolphin to get back one of your Fusion Spell cards, but the archetype’s main Extra Deck summoning is Fusion-based, so that isn’t too bad. It’s good that Dolphin covers both grave and banished, ensuring you’ll get something back. Fusion Summon using Dolphin and get the Spell back into the deck.

Dolphin can get back the key kind of Spell cards this archetype runs on as well as send the recurring monster for the archetype Fusion Monsters to the grave. It would be better if it got the Spell directly to your hand, but Fluffal/Frightfur play multiples.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-3.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Halloween Week was perfect to look at an archetype that has some scary factors to it, so the Fluffal/Frightfur archetype was a perfect fit and today we look at their newest Level 4: Fluffal Dolphin.

Dolphin is a Level 4 WATER Fairy with 1600 ATK and 1000 DEF. Fine stats on Level 4, being WATER gives the Deck access to Bahamut Shark into Toadally Awesome again with Fluffal Penguin (something they lost kinda with the banning of Norden) and Fairy here works since it’s a stuffed animal and not a real Fish I guess, plus most the Fluffals are Fairies anyways. Dolphin can let you target a Toy Vendor in your graveyard and set it directly to your field and then lets you dump a Fluffal monster or Edge Imp Sabres from Deck to grave. It’d be nice if it could dump Edge Imp Chain instead for a Frightfur card search, but you can instead dump Fluffal Wings to synergize perfectly with your Toy Vendor for a bunch of draws and a search off Vendor, which is a card you like getting into the graveyard a lot since it does have a non-OPT effect to search your Deck for Fluffals and/or Edge Imp Sabres each time it is sent to the graveyard. If this card is sent to the graveyard as Fusion Material, you can shuffle a Polymerization Spell or Fusion Spell from your graveyard into the Deck, letting you potentially draw it and gain access to more Fusion plays once again. It’s likely going to be Polymerization you put back since it’s searchable off cards like Fluffal Owl and Frightfur Patchwork, but you can put back something else like Frightfur Fusion if you already got another Polymerization or access to a Fusion play to trigger Fluffal Cat to retrieve Poly. Dolphin’s effects are each a hard once per turn, which is balanced enough here since it can help you generate some good advantage in Fluffals. Dolphin is a great card to get Toy Vendor back on the field to try and send it to the graveyard again or get its draw and potential Special Summon effect and gives you another WATER Level 4 outside Penguin for Bahamut Shark. It’s a good Fluffal that you should play in the strategy.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 Fluffals overall are cute and this one is nice with it’s little tube.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

It’s Halloween week y’all, and Fluffal Dolphin kicks things off.  Fairy/Water (there’s an interesting combination) Level 4, and 1600 attack with 1000 defense.  Targeting a Toy Vendor Magic card in your Graveyard lets you Set it, which is good to get a resource back, even if you have to wait to use it, being a Continuous Magic.  If you do, you send a Fluffal Monster or an Edge Imp Sabers from your Deck to the Graveyard. The latter may be your best choice if playing as it can easily be brought back.  If you use Dolphin as Fusion Material, you can cycle a Polymerization or Fusion Magic card from your Graveyard back to your Hand.  While Grave dumping is a good thing, as is getting back a resource, this is easier, and a better retrieval, in my opinion.  This is a nifty little combo card and the 1600 attack attached isn’t awful either.  

Rating:  3.5/5

Art:  4/5  Nice enough looking Dolphin, the background (water?) surrounding is pretty as well.  Why does a dolphin need a life preserver though?

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