Evigishki Neremanas
Evigishki Neremanas

Evigishki Neremanas – #PHHY-EN032

You can Ritual Summon this card with any “Gishki” Ritual Spell. If this card is Ritual Summoned: You can target 1 WATER monster in your GY; Special Summon it. Cannot be destroyed by battle with a monster Special Summoned from the Extra Deck. Once per turn, when your opponent activates a monster effect (Quick Effect): You can return 1 “Gishki” Ritual Monster you control to the hand, and if you do, negate the activation, and if you do that, shuffle it into the Deck.

Date Reviewed:  April 14th, 2023

Rating: 3.83

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Evigishki Neremanas ends our week at the Gishki archetype and it ends fittingly with the new Ritual Monster.

Stats are pretty good for a Level 10 that has to be Ritual Summoned with a Gishki Ritual Spell. Not too much limitation with that, excludes a couple cards that can act as the required Ritual Spell. Exact numbers can be tough as well, but now Gishki have a few monsters that count as the whole tribute, so level organizing isn’t too difficult anymore.

When you Ritual Summon Neremanas you get a free WATER Monster Reborn out of your graveyard. Neremanas has battle protection against the Extra Deck, however it can be destroyed by an Extra Deck monster that wasn’t Special Summoned from there, something to remember. Negate and shuffle back a card during either turn at the cost of a popping back a Gishki Ritual Monster from the field is a good effect, but pretty rich if you ask me. You used three cards to Summon that Ritual Monster (Spell, at least one monster, and the Ritual Monster itself) and now you are putting it back to the hand to negate and shuffle back something that got played? That is an effect that screams “when the time is right” rather than “play anything and I’ll shuffle it back” and that was an effect that Gishki could’ve used. It is a good interruption for sure, and the more support Gishki have and the relative ease at Ritual Summoning make it easier to re-summon, but the total cost is tough to add up over multiple uses.

Evigishki Neremanas has some good power behind it, is easier to summon now, and has a good interruption. I’m not sure popping back a Gishki Ritual Monster to the hand versus a Gishki monster in general, or discarding a Gishki monster couldn’t have been in place of the cost. You avoid destruction triggers and force the opponent to search out the card you shuffle back once more, it’s just not a great interruption, it’s a good one.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Gishki Week ends off with the latest Ritual Monster for the archetype, and their second Level 10 in the arsenal, Evigishki Neremanas.

Neremanas is a Level 10 WATER Spellcaster Ritual with 3000 ATK and 1800 DEF. A fine stat spread for a Level 10 Ritual, WATER is always good, and Spellcaster is a solid Type. It can be Ritual Summoned with any Gishki Ritual Spell, of course. The first effect triggers upon being Ritual Summoned, letting you target a WATER monster in your graveyard and Special Summon it. A pretty good effect to maybe revive some Gishki Rituals you previously Ritual Summoned, Gishki Grimness to get some more Gishkis from Deck, or Gishki Abyss for some search power. It cannot be destroyed by battle with monsters summoned from the Extra Deck, which is cute protection I guess. The final effect is a soft once per turn that triggers when the opponent activates a monster effect, giving you the Quick Effect option to bounce a Gishki Ritual Monster from your field back to your hand in order to negate that activation and shuffle said monster into the Deck. It’s good negation to always have, and bouncing said monster back to the Deck instead of destroying or banishing it can be pretty good. A lack of a HOPT here also means you could use multiple copies, or just bounce this and bring it back out with Aquamirror Illusion just to have another negation in case you need it. Neremanas is quickly one of the better Gishki Ritual Monsters alongside cards like Gustkraken, Mind Augus, or Zielgigas. It’s more than likely going to be the most consistent Gishki Ritual you’ll see in all variants.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Didn’t think I’d ever see an upgrade to Mind Augus, but here we are.

Mighty Vee

Many people think of absurd hand rip loops when they think of Gishki, so to the delight of almost everyone, this week’s coverage ends with the new boss of the Gishki archetype, Evigishki Neremanas, a level 10 WATER Spellcaster Ritual monster. This isn’t abnormal for a Gishki monster, and though being level 10 is a bummer since that prevents it from being searched by Preparation of Rites, it’s still highly accessible through Gishki’s in-house searchers. Similarly, while being level 10 makes it a tall order for Ritual Summoning the old fashioned way, the small Gishkis can thankfully circumvent this by providing all of the tributes. For a level 10 monster, Neremanas has a relatively low stat spread of 3000 attack and 1800 defense, but it has enough attack to still be decent.

Naturally, Neremanas’s recommended Ritual Spell is any Gishki Ritual Spell, so you’ll likely be using Gishki Aquamirror, Gishki Photomirror, or Gishki Nekromirror to bring it out, as well as a spicy play we’ll get to later. If Neremanas is Ritual Summoned, you can revive any WATER monster from your Graveyard; this is great for bringing back Gishki Abyss to get an extra search, or summoning another Ritual monster to push for OTK. Neremanas can’t be destroyed by battle with a monster Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, which is a little random since this is usually a Dogmatika effect, but I’m not complaining since Neremanas has no other protection otherwise. Neremanas’s last effect, which is only a soft once per turn Quick effect by the way, lets you negate a monster effect activation by returning a Gishki monster you control back to the hand, shuffling the negated monster into the deck in the process. This effect is very strong for two reasons: it’s not a hard once per turn, so Neremanas can bounce itself back and you can summon it again with Aquamirror Illusion to use it yet again. Additionally, shuffling is one of the rarer forms of removal in the game, circumventing most protections. While it’s unfortunately not a manual Quick effect, you can’t ask for much more from a solid monster negation. Overall, while it wasn’t enough to make Gishki playable without Spright Elf in the TCG, this wave of support is a step in the right direction for Gishki, giving it more stable and efficient plays over the degenerate but frail and inefficient combos it used to rely on.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Ariel’s got a new pet!(Or is it the same pet? These fish all look alike to me)

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