Emperor Charles the Great
Emperor Charles the Great

Emperor Charles the Great – #DUNE-EN048

1 Level 9 “Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles” equipped with an Equip Card(s)
If this card is Link Summoned: You can target 1 “Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles” in your GY; this card’s name becomes that target’s original name, and it gains that target’s original effects, then equip that target to this card as an Equip Spell that gives it 500 ATK. Once per turn, when a Spell/Trap Card or effect is activated (Quick Effect): You can send 1 Equip Spell from your hand or face-up field to the GY; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card.

Date Reviewed:  September 22nd, 2023

Rating: 4.08

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Emperor Charles the Great ends our week looking at the Noble and Infernoble Knights.

“Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles” gets an upgrade in the form of a Link 1 3000ATK monster, not too shabby. You need to use that specific monster, but the benefits of that are quickly on display from Emperor Charles. You need an Equip Spell on Infernoble Knight Empeor Charles when you Link Summon, but that’s an easy requirement. Once out, Emperor Charles gains the effects of Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles and attaches him and an Equip Spell. Copying the first Charles’s effect(s) gives you double the spot removal in the turn. Combine this effect with Noble Arms Museum and for 1200LP you can search a Noble Arms Equip Spell and Special Summon your original Emperor Charles and have two 3000ATK monsters.

Negation finally gets tacked onto a Infernoble/Noble Knight monster…bout time. A 1-for-1 Spell/Trap negation is better than nothing and trading an Equip Spell from the hand or on the field isn’t going to hurt you when you can often equip those spells from the grave back onto a monster, or use your Infernoble Knights as the Equip Spells themselves. Shame it wasn’t monster negation as well, but I’m happy that a boss monster in the Infernoble/Noble Knight archetype got an easily-activated negation.

Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles isn’t too hard to summon. Emperor Charles the Great may require that specific monster, but it doubles your removal power in one turn and you don’t lose advantage. Negation is great to have rather than not, and Noble Knights needed a big monster that has reliable negation.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with the brand new boss monster for the Infernoble Knights: Emperor Charles the Great.

Emperor Charles the Great is a Link-1 FIRE Warrior with 3000 ATK and an arrow pointing down. Great ATK, great Type/Attribute combo, and great arrow. The materials is a Level 9 Inferoble Knight Emperor Charles that’s equipped with an Equip Card, which is easy to do considering the original Emperor Charles isn’t hard to summon, just hope his Level doesn’t change somehow since for some reason it has to specifically remain Level 9. Upon being Link Summoned, you can equip an Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles from your graveyard to this card to give it 500 ATK as well as having this card’s name become that monster’s original name and it gains that monster’s effects. So it’s basically the original Emperor Charles now, but with its own effects as well. You don’t even have to keep the original Emperor Charles equipped to this for it to keep that monster’s effects, so you can resummon it and extend to something like Baronne de Fleur, or use it as negation for Immortal Phoenix Gearfried or this card’s effect, since it does have a soft once per turn Quick Effect when the opponent activates a Spell/Trap Card or effect, letting you send an Equip Spell from your hand or face-up field to the graveyard to negate the activation and destroy that card. Immortal Phoenix Gearfried already gave the negation of monster effects, and now we finally have the Spell and Trap negation for Infernobles by being able to summon this. Emperor Charles the Great basically takes his Synchro verison and makes it just a bit better. It’s certainly a card you want to end on over the base Emperor Charles if you can, which should not be hard. A great Link-1 with a pretty unique design.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 5/5 Basically what if they make Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles cooler.

Mighty Vee

Wrapping up the week is the new boss of the Infernoble archetype, Emperor Charles the Great (or simply “Charlemagne”, as per the fan translation), a Link 1 FIRE Warrior Link monster with a single down arrow to make sure you’re not totally locked out of Links. Though not an Infernoble monster by name, it might as well be one since it requires a level 9 Infernoble Knight Emperor Charles equipped with any Equip card (Spell or otherwise), which is easily done as long as you summoned your Charles with Infernoble Knight Captain Roland. Fortunately, it defies normal Link 1 conventions and takes Charles’s solid 3000 attack stat, which makes sense since you essentially need to make Charles first to make Charles the Great.

Upon being Link Summoned, Charles the Great can equip an Emperor Charles to itself from the Graveyard, permanently gaining its name and effects as well as a bonus 500 attack from equipping Emperor Charles. This means there’s almost no reason not to summon Charles the Great outside of very niche scenarios where you’d need it in Defense position (good luck when Emperor Charles only has 200 defense), as you’ll still keep the End Phase effect for follow-up and the destruction effect for disruption. Charles the Great’s other effect is a soft once per turn Quick effect (fortunate, as many Infernoble combos can make multiples), sending an Equip Spell from your hand or face-up on the field to the Graveyard to negate a Spell or Trap effect and destroy the card. While it won’t help much against Dark Ruler No More, having Spell and Trap negation is always extremely helpful as modern decks are becoming more varied in their tactics, with Unchained in particular relying on Traps for their combos. Charles the Great is an interesting foray into the design space of Link 1 monsters, and hopefully we get more retrains down the line in the same vein. For now, Charles the Great is an excellent new boss for Infernoble that still retains the spirit of the old boss.

Advanced: 4/5


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