Emblem of the Plunder Patroll
Emblem of the Plunder Patroll

Emblem of the Plunder Patroll
– #ETCO-EN089

Equip only to a “Plunder Patroll” monster. It gains 500 ATK, also your opponent cannot target it with card effects. You can send this equipped card to the GY; Special Summon 1 “Plunder Patroll” monster from your Extra Deck with the same Attribute as a monster on the field or in the GY, then take the monster that was equipped with this card, and equip it to that Special Summoned monster as an Equip Spell with this effect.
● The equipped monster gains 500 ATK.
You can only use this effect of “Emblem of the Plunder Patroll” once per turn.

Date Reviewed: 
August 5th, 2020

Rating: 4.17

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Emblem of the Plunder Patroll was mentioned yesterday through the effect(s) of Plunder Patroll Shipshape Ships Shipping.

Small ATK boost doesn’t matter much, but the blanket effect protection matters when you equip this to one of your big Extra Deck Plunder Patroll monsters. If you equipped it to a Main Deck Plunder Patroll you are doing so to get to a specific Plunder Patroll Extra Deck monster and you get to reequip and get the small ATK boost, but not the effect protection. While reequipping this does put a “Plunder Patroll” card on an Extra Deck Plunder Patroll and will help with its effect(s), that protection the card first offered would have made it so much better. The flip side of that coin though is this card allowing you to use any Attribute on the field or in the grave: instead of just your equipped monster (which all Main Deck Plunders are WATER) or an opponents monster, you get your choice. With four different Attributes to choose from you will need all the help you can get. This allow you to use that Ash Blossom your opponent used on you to summon Brann or if they used something like Effect Veiler you have another route other than fusion to Lys. This card makes your Extra Deck more viable in the sense that you don’t depend on your Main Deck Plunder Patrolls using your opponent’s monsters that are on the field.

While it’d be great as a Normal Spell to avoid destruction from your opponent, Emblem was needed to help quicken the archetype’s strategy.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

I mentioned it yesterday and now it’s here: Emblem of the Plunder Patroll.

Emblem is an Equip Spell that equips only to a Plunder Patroll monster. Firstly it boosts the equipped monster by 500 ATK and gives it targeting protection from the opponent’s card effects. Can be nice to get a small ATK boost, even with the ships to make them more respectable and make them harder to out with that targeting immunity as well. The second effect is mostly when this is equipped to a smaller Plunder Patroll where you can send this card equipped to the graveyard to Special Summon a Plunder Patroll from the Extra Deck with the same Attribute as a monster on field or in grave and equip the previously equipped card to the newly summoned monster with the effect on the new equip to boost your monster by 500 ATK. Another way to get your Plunders out of the Extra Deck and equipping them at the same time, and it’s easy to get to with the Fusion Spell yesterday. It’s also not completely dependent on the opponent, either, but you’ll likely be the one with mostly WATER Monsters, so you’d still need the opponent’s Attributes or Plunder Patroll Booty. The last effect is the hard once per turn since that’s the much better effect, the equipping Emblem from hand to a monster for that boost and targeting protection isn’t overwhelming to make sure you can only activate 1 of this a turn. Emblem does help access the Extra Deck much faster, something you want in Plunder Patroll, so I’d say it’s an easy 3 of.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 4.5/5 How nice of Blackbeard.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

As referenced yesterday, here we have the Equip Magic card, Emblem of the Plunder Patroll.  So first off, the equipped Theme Monster gains 500 attack.  That’s not a LOT, but it’s not nothing so we’ll take it.  

The Monster equipped also gains protection from opponent effects that Target, which can certainly help, but why not destroy this card instead?  But past all that, the joy in this card is the Extra Deck play.  

You can send this equipped card to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Monster who is the same Attribute as a Monster on the Field or in the Graveyard.  Likely one of your own but cool it’s THE Field, not your field. 

Then the Monster that was equipped with this card attaches to the Monster you Special Summoned and it gains 500 attack vis a vis the original effect of this card.  This works very strangely for an Equip but it works very well.  

Rating:  4.25/5
Art:  4.75/5  This is very pretty.  Not perfect but nice on the eyes and every bit as cartoony as I expect from these cards 

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