Elemental HERO Cosmo Neos
– #SAST-EN036

“Elemental HERO Neos” + 3 “Neo-Spacian” monsters with different Attributes
Must first be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by shuffling the above cards you control into the Deck. (You do not use “Polymerization”.) If this card is Special Summoned from the Extra Deck: You can activate this effect; for the rest of this turn, your opponent cannot activate cards, also cards your opponent controls cannot activate their effects. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect’s activation. Once per turn, during the End Phase: Shuffle this card into the Extra Deck, and if you do, destroy all cards your opponent controls.


Date Reviewed: 
April 19, 2019

Rating: 4.0

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Crunch$G Avatar

We end the week off with a monsterous new Neos Fusion, Elemental HERO Cosmo Neos.

Cosmo Neos is a Level 11 LIGHT Warrior Fusion with 3500 ATK and 3000 DEF. The stats are great, even though you might start to expect more when you’re Level 11, and being a LIGHT Warrior has some applications. The Fusion Materials are Elemental HERO Neos and any 3 Neo-Spacian monsters with different Attributes, which there is one for every attribute, so that’s easy. Summoning this isn’t hard cause you can easily get Neos and all the Neo-Spacians in the grave with Prisma and Neos Fusion to use NEXT or Miracle Contact to summon this. Cosmo Neos must first be Special Summoned by shuffling the above materials into the Extra Deck (no Polymerization), but again Miracle Contact gets around this, or NEXT can get the materials from the grave onto the field. If this card is Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, you can activate this effect to shut down your opponent from activating cards and cards your opponent controls from activating their effects. There are very few things that get around this, but for the most part this stops your opponent from doing anything for the turn basically, which is great considering the resources that go into this. What makes that better is that your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect activation, which means they need to negate the summon or they basically can’t do anything. Once per turn, during the End Phase, the effect will activate to go back into the Extra Deck, but Neos Fusion can prevent that at the end of your turn and save it for your opponent’s turn, and when Cosmo Neos goes back to the Extra Deck, then you destroy all cards your opponent controls. This can clear out all your opponent’s on field resources before their turn even starts or if you can get this on your opponent’s turn, then you got a clear shot at their life points for that Air Neos OTK if your life points are low enough. Cosmo Neos does require a lot to summon, but the effort can be worth it, and Miracle Contact makes this especially worth having a copy of in the Extra Deck for when you get enough different Neo-Spacians in the grave.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4.25/5 A mix of all the Triple Contact Fusions basically, I like it. Love Neo Space in the background as well.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

And in a twist of fate a blind man saw coming, Elemental Hero Cosmo Neos ends the week.  Warrior, Light, Level 11, 3500/3000 attack and defense, and requiring Neos plus three (yes, you read that right THREE) Neo-Spacian Monsters for Contact Fusion.  Said Neo-Spacians need to be of different attributes too, which is irritating, but necessary and appropriate given the name of this card.

Anyway, Cosmo Neos locks your opponent down for a turn.  Your opponent can’t activate their cards or the effects of cards they control, so whatever you do, you’re going to get to do it uninterrupted.  Phenomenal, a 3500 attack behemoth who can just wreck things.  Oh, and your opponent can’t activate a card(s) in response to this effect (just remember this is only if Cosmo Neos Special Summons from the Extra Deck).

Oh (again) if he returns to the Extra Deck (as he does at the End Phase being a Contact Fusion) your opponent’s Field gets nuked.  And they can’t respond to that either via the first effect of Cosmo Neos.  He’s got OTK potential here for sure (NOT ON HIS OWN) but the lockdown here opens some doors.  He’s not easy to get out, but with all he can do, he shouldn’t be.

Rating:  4.5/5  Maybe a bit on the high side, but that attack, those effects, and OTK possibilities, grant a high score from me.

Art:  5/5  What a majestic creature, and the Neos Space is still pretty awesome, a little more cosmic feel (appropriately so) to it.

WarlockBlitz's Avatar

Solid boss monster for Friday. Elemental HERO Cosmo Neos is a Level 11 Light Warrior-type Fusion Monster with 3500 Atk and 3000 Def. The requirements like all of these fusions are hefty. You need Elemental HERO Neos and any 3 Neo Spacians with different attributes to go from the field back into the deck just Special Summon this. There are easier ways to do this and 3500 Atk is just beefy enough to be worth it. If Special Summoned from the Extra Deck you get to activate an effect that prevents your opponent from activating anything on the field or any new cards from anywhere else. Nothing can respond to the effect activation so don’t worry about being stopped before the massive neutering your opponent is about to take. Unfortunately, this shuffles itself back into the Extra Deck during the End Phase and then destroys all cards your opponent controls. So if you try to save Elemental HERO Cosmo Neos the destruction won’t happen until the End Phase of the next turn. Being able to prevent anything and then destroy everything is great, but you have to wait to win unless 3500 Atk is enough right then and there. There is also zero utility for this card turn one. Other than that, it looks cool and only takes up one spot in the Extra Deck, so run it and hope to win. Happy Friday!

Score: 4/5     Art: 4/5

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