Eevee – Fusion Strike 205/264

Date Reviewed:
January 8, 2022

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 1.25
Expanded: 1.25

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Hopefully, as a COTD on the weekends, I found something that might be easy to review.

Eevee from Sword & Shield Fusion Strike has only one attack called Continuous Steps, which costs one energy with a 30X multiplier. You have to keep flipping coins until you flip tails. For each heads, you get to deal 30 damage. Theoretically, it could deal infinite damage. Those kinds of attacks are pretty tempting, and they heavily require a lot of luck to achieve the desired result. To give you an idea how much luck you’ll need to deal some damage:

-1 Heads: 50%
-2 Heads: 25%
-3 Heads: 12.5%
-4 Heads: 6.25%
-5 Heads: 3.125%
-6 Heads: 1.5625% (enough to KO most Basic Pokemon-EX, Basic Pokemon-GX, and Pokemon-V) 
-7 Heads: 0.78125%
-8 Heads: 0.390625% (enough to KO all Mega Evolution Pokemon-EX)
-9 Heads: 0.1953125% (enough to KO all Stage 2 Pokemon-GX)
-10 Heads: 0.09765625% (enough to KO all TAG TEAM Pokemon-GX)
-11 Heads: 0.048828125%
-12 Heads: 0.0244140625% (enough to KO any Pokemon in the game)

Looking at the probability, how often would you be landing OHKOs to your liking? Not too often as one would expect, though it could still happen. You can improve the odds with Glimwood Tangle (or Victini’s Victory Star and Trick Coin in Expanded), but the odds are still against you if you’re trying to flip 12 consecutive Heads. Additionally, you can reduce the number of Heads required by evolving your Eevee into any Stage 1 Eeveelution and attach Memory Capsule to them. Evolving your Eevee means one of your Eeveelutions can use an attack from its previous evolution (Continuous Steps in this case) exploit Weakness and deal double damage. This will skew certain probabilities because you’re now dealing 60 damage for each heads assuming you evolved into the right type for the job (still lacking a Metal, a Dragon, and a Fighting type Eeveelution to exploit Weakness though).

-1 Heads: 50%
-2 Heads: 25%
-3 Heads: 12.5% (enough to KO most Basic Pokemon-EX, Basic Pokemon-GX, and Pokemon-V) 
-4 Heads: 6.25% (enough to KO all Mega Evolution Pokemon-EX)
-5 Heads: 3.125% (enough to KO all TAG TEAM Pokemon-GX)
-6 Heads: 1.5625% (enough to KO any Pokemon in the game)

Six heads are still a lot to flip, but it is a lot less stressful than flipping 12 heads in a row.

Unfortunately, those kinds of attacks seldom see any competitive success, if not ever. Why bother flipping coins if you’ve got an attack that can deal a consistent amount of damage that can 2HKO or even OHKO certain targets. Sure, it makes certain Pokemon vulnerable, but doesn’t make the player exhausted because of the temptation. Don’t expect too much out of Eevee, or you will be extremely disappointed.


Standard: 1.25/5
Expanded: 1.25/5

Eevee has the potential to deal infinite amounts of damage, but the probability is so low that it might not be worth taking your chances in a tournament.

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