Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade
Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade

Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade – #SD5-EN018

Equip only for warriors. Raise the equipped monster’s ATK by 300 points. If this card is in your graveyard during your main phase, you may discard 2 warrior type monsters from your graveyard from the game to add this card to your hand.


Date Reviewed: September 13, 2018

Rating: 3.50

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade is our Throwback Thursday pick, but it is deep in the current meta.

Warrior-Type support, but only 300ATK, so pretty meaningless. The reason why this card is so important right now is because of how it fits in with Gouki and Knightmare archetypes. The ability Phoenix Blade has to come back countless times in a turn by banishing 2 Warrior monsters in your grave gives you discard food for effects like the Knightmare monsters have. Combine that with Isolde’s ability to throw Phoenix Blade directly into the grave from the deck and you are locked and loaded. Keep pumping Warriors into the grave using Link Summoning and you have a lethal combination. Firewall Dragon is a culprit in why this card has had a resurgence, lending its Special Summon ability to Warriors in the hand. Gouki can replenish resources into your hand and you can keep funneling them onto the field. Six Samurai have been able to do this as well, using the Knightmare monsters to gain advantage at the expense of banishing themselves from the grave. Alongside Gateway of the Six you wouldn’t run out of counters to remove to search monsters from your deck (now it’ll never be unlimited in the TCG).

Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade has helped show that Firewall Dragon, and the Knightmare Monsters need to be dealt with. The card isn’t good on its own, but as part of this type of strategy, it is the cog that makes the engine go.

Advanced-3.5/5- only in it’s own strategy, otherwise it’d be 1/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Throwback Thursday this week looking back on a card once used in the Airblade Turbo deck, now is used in Gouki to abuse the Knightmares some more, Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade.

Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade is an Equip Spell that can only be equipped to a Warrior-type monster and gives it a simple 300 ATK boost. Better than the Bamboo Swords giving your monsters 0 ATK, but at least those work with Golden Bamboo Sword. Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade is not used for that 300 ATK boost really. During your Main Phase, if this card is in the GY, you can banish two Warrior-type monsters to add this back to your hand. In Airblade Turbo, you’d banish your Stratos and Diamond Dudes and stuff to get them back with Dimension Fusion, which is a powerful play. Now, you send this off Isolde in Gouki to get Octostretch and then you can banish your used Goukis to get it back for the Knightmare discard fodder. This isn’t a hard once per turn, so you can keep discarding it. It is how it was used back then and its how it is used now. Other Warrior decks can abuse Phoenix Blade and the Knightmare combos, but Gouki just do it the best. They probably didn’t future proof this with a hard once per turn because… well hard once per turns didn’t really exist back then, and they likely didn’t predict what they were gonna print years into the future. Phoenix Blade has never been used for anything really good because of its infinite use, it’s just that finding that use is very rare, but it does its job when needed.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 3/5 Just a sword, but I would 100% like a sword like this, the overall artwork just isn’t too inspiring. 

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Divine Sword-Phoenix Blade.  This is one of those odd little cards that tends to find niche use and abuses as time goes on.  Certainly an older (obviously fitting for Throwback Thursday) this card has a couple effects.  The first, being the 300 power boost for the Warrior (only works on Warriors) you equip it too is negligible at best.  300 attack points isn’t going to do much, regardless of whether your Monster has high or low attack, it’s just not enough.

The second effect, removing two Warriors from play to add this card back to your Hand from the Graveyard, has been what’s been able to be abused in the past.  Any card or effect letting you use that without a cost, or something that lets you or can capitalize or advantage off having the Warriors remove and return (likely as a constant) lets you be able to use this card to its full potential.  It has a use in Knightmare now for sure, but outside of specialties, there’s just not much going for it as a constant.

Rating:  3/5

Art:  4/5  It makes sense, the aura of the Phoenix, even though the handle seems to be more the Phoenix part.

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