Hi, Pojo,

When I stopped by my closest Walmart yesterday afternoon, I spied they had set up a Pokémon DVD endcap absolutely filled to the coffee cup brim (including the sidebars) with nearly every Pokémon movie and season currently available on DVD (and even a season 1 box of Blu-ray with bonus manga sampler!)! The majority of the DVDs had new stickers on them (*borrows Pikachu’s magnifying glass to read the fine print*), offering a code to obtain Detective Pikachu movie ticket discounts! Most of the single movie discs were $5 or less apiece; if I recall properly, the single movie DVDs offered a code for a $5 movie ticket discount and the more expensive multi-disc sets looked to be around an $8 movie ticket discount code offer. Details would be found online, information will be on the sticker back to utilize online once one has purchased the movie (so obviously you’ll need internet access to cash in for that discount!). I also understand that while supplies last, movie-goers will be treated to a Detective Pikachu promo card at the theater, so…

Trainers, this is going to be big! As PIKArd would say, “Make it so!” PIKA PIKA!


Detective Pikachu Movie Poster