Ahoy, adventurers! Today’s spotlight falls upon “Demeo VR,” a dungeon-crawling gem that’s as captivating as a well-played Magic card. Developed by Resolution Games, this virtual reality escapade invites you to don your VR gear and embark on a cooperative journey through procedurally generated dungeons.

Demeo is available on: PS5; PSVR2; Meta Quest; Pico; Meta Rift; Steam; Epic Games; IOS; and Mac.  This review is based on gameplay on the Meta Quest 2.  Demeo is cross-platform.  I have successfully played with someone on their PC while I was on my Quest 2.  Code to save 25% off Demeo from the Meta Store 

Game Type: VR Dungeon-Crawling Adventure

Mana Cost: Affordable – Your standard VR setup.

Card Text: “Demeo VR” transforms your gaming space into a virtual tabletop, channeling the spirit of classic board games. Join forces with friends to strategize, battle monsters, and conquer dungeons filled with surprises.

Flavor Text: Immerse yourself in a charming blend of fantasy aesthetics, where every move feels like manipulating a living board game. The attention to detail transports you to a realm where danger and magic intertwine.


  • Cooperative Mastery: Team up with friends strategizing your way through dungeons with real-time communication.
  • Aesthetic Magic: The game’s visual charm captures the essence of classic fantasy settings, creating a delightful atmosphere in VR.
  • Easy on the Mana: Accessible mechanics make it a welcoming experience for both VR veterans and newcomers alike.


  • Slow Burn: Some adventurers might find the pacing a tad leisurely during exploration segments.
  • Procedural Quirks: While the procedural generation adds replay value, be prepared for occasional difficulty spikes.
Attacking monsters with cards

Pojo’s Experience:

Demeo is a great “turn-based” game to play with friends.  Demeo is basically a deck-building trading card game mixed with a Dungeons and Dragons table top game.  Each player picks a starting character and acquires a basic starter deck.  Through battles and exploring, players will obtain more cards to increase the strength of their decks.  

There are 7 character classes to pick from:

  • Guardian – Your typical tank with a shield
  • Assassin – A rogue that can sneak and backstab
  • Sorcerer – Ranged DPS wizard
  • Hunter – Ranged DPS with a bow
  • Bard – Buffs, Heals, and DPS
  • Warlock  – DPS with a tanky pet
  • Barbarian – In your face DPS

Players move around the dungeon, and use their cards to attack monsters.  Once you find the key to the floor exit, you try to move out as quickly as possible.  Because the monsters keep on coming.  You never really clear a floor until you defeat the final boss.

Each randomly created dungeon has 3 levels. After you defeat a level, you will get experience towards player perks (example: different colored dice to roll).  None of the perks help make your characters any stronger.  And after each level, you will be able to spend coins at the bazaar to buy more cards for your decks.  The 3rd level of the dungeon has the final boss battle, which is not easy.  

Shop at the bazaar to buy more cards after each level

Demeo is not a fast-paced game.  This is a slower-paced, “thinky” type game.  It’s great game for DnD fans, and gamers that might get motion sickness from movement type games.  If you are looking for a fast-paced shooter or action RPG, Demeo is not that.  

There are several adventure books in Demeo.  This really gives you the feeling of playing Dungeons and Dragons. You can play with 1 to 4 players, and save games after clearing each floor.  

Curse of the Serpent Lord
Curse of the Serpent Lord Adventure

Animations are great.  Every card played animates its effect.  Picking up and rolling your twelve side dice on the board is stupidly satisfying in virtual reality.  

Dice Rolling is silly fun

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

“Demeo VR” is a captivating addition to the VR dungeon-crawling realm, offering a magical blend of cooperative gameplay, intuitive controls, and a visually enchanting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned VR mage or a newcomer to the virtual realms, this game deserves a slot in your gaming library. So, gather your party, roll the virtual dice, and let the adventure unfold!

Code to save 25% off Demeo from the Meta Store