Cyberdark End Dragon
Cyberdark End Dragon

Cyberdark End Dragon – #SDCS-EN044

“Cyberdark Dragon” + “Cyber End Dragon” – Must be either Fusion Summoned, or Special Summoned by Tributing 1 Level 10 or lower “Cyberdark” Fusion Monster equipped with “Cyber End Dragon”. Unaffected by your opponent’s activated effects. Once per turn: You can equip 1 monster from either GY to this card. This card can attack a number of times each Battle Phase, up to the number of Equip Cards equipped to it.

Date Reviewed:  November 12th, 2021

Rating: 2.56

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Cyberdark End Dragon is the newest Fusion Monster for the Cyberdark archetype and is the last card we’re looking at.

Needing Cyberdark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon, this Fusion at least doesn’t require you to fill up your Main Deck with lackluster monsters. You could also tribute a Level 10 or lower “Cyberdark” Fusion Monster equipped with Cyber End Dragon, but that also is a lot when you could just get the two requirements for the Fusion Summon into the grave and then use Overload Fusion. Unaffected by opponents activated effects, finally some protection. Equip from either either grave to give yourself another attack during the Battle Phase is a way to make this an OTK card with its high ATK. Cybernetic Horizon helps set up this card, and you could use a generic card to get the other target for this cards summon from the Extra Deck to your grave…or use something like Dogmatika Maximus to send both targets at the same time.

This Fusion may be the easiest to Fusion Summon, despite needing two Extra Deck monsters. Tremendous ATK, some protection, and additional attacks will help you clear the field. This is a finishing card though and shouldn’t need to be on the field for multiple turns.

Advanced-2.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with a Fusion between Cyberdark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon after all these years, with the name of course being Cyberdark End Dragon.

Cyberdark End Dragon is a Level 12 DARK Machine Fusion with 5000 ATK and 3800 DEF. Great stats overall, DARK and Machine are also pretty good. Fusion Materials are Cyberdark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon, which seemed obvious and isn’t hard to do since you can just send those two from the Extra Deck to grave for Overload Fusion. It must be Fusion Summoned or Special Summoned by tributing a Level 10 or lower Cyberdark Fusion that’s equipped with Cyber End Dragon, likely Cyberdarkness Dragon since that’s the only thing that can equip Cyber End Dragon on its own, which makes it even more unfourtunate Cyberdark Dragon can’t do that. Cyberdarkness Dragon doesn’t need the three specific names to summon at least, but you do need 5 monsters instead. Unaffected by your opponent’s activated effects, which would of been better if “activated” wasn’t there, but still strong protection. Finally, you get a once per turn effect to equip any monster from either grave to this card and this can attack a number of times up to the number of equipped monsters. No other benefits besides the multiple attacks, which is fine somewhat since this doesn’t need more ATK really. I just wish we kept Cyber End’s piercing. Either way, it’s a fine boss monster that isn’t as hard to bring out as one might think. I just wish we had a retrain of the original Cyberdark monsters instead of just the new cards that help the bad cards not seem as bad.

Advanced Rating: 3/5

Art: 5/5 Everything you could ever want from a Fusion of these two.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Cyberdark End Dragon, aptly, if not lazily named, ends the week.  A brute of a Fusion here, clocking in at Level 12, with 5000 attack and 3800 defense.  Needing its two namesakes for Fusion Summon.  MUST be Fusion Summoned (yuck) OR by Tributing a Level 10 or lower Cyberdark Fusion…who is equipped with Cyberdark Dragon.  Both of those seem rather daunting.  Protection from your opponent’s activated Effects sure COULD be a problem.  Remember, that 5000 attack…just…it’s all those non-activated Effects that are gonna get him.  You and I know the odds of this being attacked over isn’t very likely.  Once a Turn you can Equip a Monster from either Graveyard to this (which is fun) to increase this cards attacks per Turn equal to the number of Equips.  This is a weird tactic in the game, as sometimes this gets dismissed, while other times it all of a sudden becomes OTK/FTK.  The latter could be possible for sure with this, but there’s so much work and effort involved, without enough protection.  I don’t see why we needed to force these Themes just cause Zane played them.  Could this card (art aside) be a nightmare?  I genuinely think so, but even given all the cards…how easy it is to dump, the versatility of Fusion options, I just don’t see this as good enough to get much, or maybe any play at all.

Rating:  2/5

Art:  2/5  The background art, and everything NOT the Monster is cool.  But the ‘Fusion’ of the Monsters looks unnatural.  Very creepy and kina lazy.  That is creepy.  

Dark Paladin's Avatar

We wrap up the week with Cyberdark’s new boss, the formidable Cyberdark End Dragon. It’s a level 12 DARK machine with a gargantuan 5000 attack and very impressive 3800 defense. The fusion materials are Cyberdark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon, which is a very tall order unless you use something like Overload Fusion, but you don’t have to do that; the alternative summoning condition is tributing a Cyberdark fusion monster (but not itself) equipped with Cyber End Dragon instead. This is most easily done by sending Cyber End Dragon to the graveyard with Cybernetic Horizon and equipping it to Cyberdarkness Dragon, though the combo will probably still take quite a few cards.

Has to be fusion summoned much like its original incarnation, no surprise there. This guy’s unaffected by your opponent’s activated effects, which is still very strong protection, though it’s still vulnerable to continuous effects like Level Limit – Area B or Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer’s attack reduction. You can equip a monster from either graveyard to Cyberdark End Dragon once per turn, which is useful for disrupting your opponent’s plays, though it’s too bad it’s not a quick effect. On top of all that, it can make additional attacks based on the number of equips on it, and with 5000 attack, 2 equips can end games pretty easily. There are still quite a few ways to erase this thing, namely through kaiju, Mekk Knight Crusadia Avramax, and Borrelsword Dragon, so this monster sadly isn’t as invincible as it looks. Very powerful monster in a vacuum but generally not worth summoning unless you know you’re up against a deck that can’t out it, though at least you can still sit on the 8000 attack Cyberdarkness Dragon.

Advanced: 2.75/5
Art: 4.5/5 The logical conclusion of Cybernetic Horizon.

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